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NC Wrestling Hosts Quad Meet

January 17, 2013
Indianapolis North Central High School

North Central Wrestling - NC Quad - January 12, 2012 - Young Panther Wrestler Day!

Center Grove, Ranked the 13th top team in the State, and not to be confused with Outer Grove (which doesn't exist), was the class-of-the-field and winner of the day at 5 - 0.  All the Center Grove "team" scores were in the woeful Indianapolis Star, but everyone else's "team" scores were not. 

Regardless ... With only 11 of 14 wrestlers, North Central had the best Team and Individual success of this season!
Bishop Chatard - Won 58 - 18.
Terre Haute North - Heartbreaking Loss 39 - 42.  Oh for a 138 lbs., 152 lbs., and/or 220 lbs. wrestler (-18 points)!! 
Outer ... Err ... Center Grove - Loss 16 - 57.  Last year's NC team only scored 9 points.
Terre Haute South - Tie 39 - 39.  I think we won on the tie-breaker ... But still like "kissing your sister".   
Lawrence North - Loss 18 - 48. 
We gave and got some forfeits. 
As far as getting forfeits ... Who was it that said, "Sometimes success is just showing up." 
Undefeated 5 - 0 !!
Javier (The Wrestler) Reyes (JR 170 lbs.) - Wrestled excellently all day (a take-down master), and Javier demolished the Center Grove wrestler 11 - 1.  It's great to see Javier on the mat!!     
Seth (The Surgeon) Issacs (JR 182 lbs.) - No one was serious competition and Seth Pinned the Center Grove wrestler.
Preston (The Man) Daniels (SR 195 lbs.) - Even with a "bum" shoulder, Preston Pinned three and fought magnificently for "six minute" 1 - 0 wins against Center Grove and Lawrence North.  Preston is just ... The Man.  Not to mention the inspiration for the Team.
These three have become the "Heart-of-the-Team".  I can't wait to see them at Sectional. 
Great Performances:
Eli Glover (FR 106 lbs.) - Four and One.  Eli is getting better-and-better.  If he gets a good "seeding" at Sectional ... Regional??
Kylan Seats (SO 120 lbs.) - Started out "on-fire" (2 Pins), then suffered an injury to his ribcage.  Kylan ... Listen to the Trainers and your Mom (i.e., I talked to her) ... Get 100% for Sectional.  I want to see you in Regional!!
Jhonatan Pasten (JR 132 lbs.) - Four and One.  Jhonatan was excellent today, and has shown flashes-of-absolute-brilliance during the season.  He may be the next Wilkins Fervil, and be absolute fun to watch at Sectional.  Regional??
Peter Nickelsberg (JR 145 lbs.) - Three and Two.  After recovering from an early-season injury, Peter is getting his "wrestling" stamina back.  Peter also started out "on-fire" (2 Pins and a 6 - 2 Win against Center Grove).  Opponents have his leg and he still turns them over for a either back-points or a Pin?  Peter will also be fun to watch at Sectional.  Regional??
Mitchell Kessler (SO 285 lbs.) - Two and Three, with a Pin against Terre Haute South and a 4 - 0 Decision against Bishop Chatard.  Mitchell is a "light" heavyweight (I know the feeling), and has great potential.  With experience, more "moves", and a good "seeding" at Sectional ... Regional??
Notice how I keep mentioning "Sectional" ... The most important event of the season!
And notice that these five, as well as Javier and Seth, will be back next year!! 
New Award - Most Important "Team" Victory:
Brody Manuel (FR 126 lbs.) - Two and Two.  In the next-to-last match against Terre Haute South, Brody never gave up in a "nail-biting" back-and-forth match that ended with a PIN.  In the last match Jhonatan Pasten Pinned his opponent to give NC the 39 - 39 tie.  Brody knows the moves.  With experience and age ... He will be a wrestler to watch ... Sectional??
And Brody will be back next year!!
All our young men have worked extremely hard this year to become better wrestlers and learn the four rules-of-wrestling:
Stay off your back,
Stay off your stomach, or you'll get turned to your back,
Have a favorite move and use it, and
If your favorite move doesn't work ... Have a couple other favorite moves!!   
New Award - Most Interesting Companion at the Event:
This was Young Panther Wrestler Day.
The middle school wrestlers from Westlane and Northview were there, but Eastwood (my alma-mater), has a communication problem with the front-desk-warden and didn't show-up.  But the North Central Youth Wrestling Club (NCYWC), run by Larry Ozeske (2008 152 lbs.) and Charlie Ozeske (2013 160 lbs.), was very well represented.  All got recognized as the future of NC Wrestling ... and pizza!!!
I was sitting with the father of a NCYWC member, Justin.
As it happens, Justin and #3 Grandson Parker (both 3rd Grade), are best friends on the Club.  They roamed all over the High School (i.e., we often didn't know where they were and forgive us for any damage).
Justin's father is a "trapper", and I'm an "accountant".  And we had a great time together!!
We look about the same age.
Who was it that said, "It's not the years, it's the mileage."
I felt good when I told him Parker was #3 Grandson.  Yes ... I'm two young to be a Grandfather.
Meanwhile, Parker faced his first wrestling competition the next day.  He finished third! 
OK ... There were only three wrestlers.
I'd show him the "Guillotine" move, but I might hurt him in the process.
We'll see.
Next Event:
The MIC Conference Championship is this Saturday, 9:00 AM: 
Warren Central High School
9500 East 16th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46229
Warren Central, ranked the 3rd top team in the State, will ... probably ... prevail.  But I'm anxious to see how our NC Wrestlers perform against their "monsters".
It will be great experience for Sectional.
Notice again how often I mention Sectional.
If I was a 1960's Carmel graduate I might say ... Be there or be square!! 
Dan Smith (1969 HWT) 

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