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NC Wrestlers in Decatur Central Quad

December 13, 2012
Indianapolis North Central High School

Decatur Central Quad - December 8, 2012

I'm not sure if the whole State-of-Indiana has gone "politically correct" (i.e., no winners or losers in sports) ... But Decatur Central (like Hamilton Heights), did not have scoreboards for each match, and then didn't send the team scores for the five-match day to the "woeful" Indianapolis Star for Sunday publication.  I've had a horrible time trying to update the 2012 - 2013 schedule!!
Regardless, I don't think Howe won a match.
So if I was a Cathedral graduate I'd say, "I think we won that one."
Best Performance:
Seth Issacs (JR 182 lbs. & 195 lbs.):  Seth "surgically" demolished four opponents. 
Franklin Central always has a good team, and Seth's opponent was the best wrestler he faced.
Four take-downs later Seth won 8 - 6.
Undefeated on the day!!
Most Exciting Match:
Michel Vaulx (JR 138 lbs.):  Matched against a "no quit" Decatur Central wrestler, I think the referee and everyone else lost track of the score.  Reversal ... Near fall ... Reversal ... Near fall.  But Michel was on top at the end and won with a PIN.  Congratulations Michel!! 
Honorable Mention - Most Exciting Match:
Mitchell Kessler (SO 285 lbs.):  Matched against a "huge" and good Howe opponent who knew how to use his weight, and wrestling from behind, Mitchell pinned him with a "cradle".  I haven't seen a HWT pin another HWT with a cradle in a long time, if ever.  Mitchell credited the move to his long arms.  I think he's found the answer to the third-most-important rule of wrestling.  Congratulations Mitchell!!
Other Impressive Performances:
Preston Daniels (SR 195 lbs. & 220 lbs.) was 4 - 1, and is just impressive to watch.
Several other wrestlers fought the whole six minutes.  Win or Lose ... All were excellent representatives for North Central Wrestling!
Biggest Disappointments: 
Trevon Williams (SR 220 lbs.) was recovering from injury and didn't compete and won't compete in this Saturday's Marion County Tournament. 
Peter Nickelsberg (JR 145 lbs.) was still recovering from injury and hasn't competed this year.  But I see he's listed for this Saturday's Marion County Tournament at Warren Central High School, starting at 8:30 AM.  Peter is the best "leg" wrestler we have, and will be a great help to the team. 
New Nicknames:
Venu (The Mask) Bangla (JR 132 lbs.):  Injured in an early match, Venu wore "the mask" and it looked pretty good on him. 
Michel (Heart Attach) Vaulx (JR 138 lbs.):  He's picked up where Wilkens Fervil left off.
Javier (Chubby) Reyes (JR 170? lbs.):  Nuff typed.
Seth (The Surgeon) Issacs (JR 182 lbs.):  A smart, technical wrestler who is getting better-and-better, and will be a challenge for anyone to defeat.
Preston (Gentleman) Daniels (SR 195 lbs.):  Has demolished almost all opponents and then exhibits great sportsmanship. 
Mitchell (Rock-the-Cradle) Kessler (SO 285 lbs.):  Last year Will Clinkscales went to State with "take down-cradle-pin" ... 
The Four Rules of Wrestling:
All the hard work to get stronger, quicker and faster, the hard practices to become better wrestlers, going six minutes or more in matches ... All are done to comply with the four rules:
Stay off your back,
Stay off your stomach, or you'll get turned on your back,
Have a favorite move and use it ... often, and
If your favorite move doesn't work, have a second-favorite move.
See you-all at Marion County, Warren Central High School, Saturday December 15th, 8:30 AM!!!
Dan Smith (1969 HWT)

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