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End of Summer Programming Newsletter

August 13, 2014
By coach Silva of Next Level Athletics Sports


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All Sports Functional Training:

Functional Training for Fitness and Sports Preparation

Many athletes now specialize on a single sport at an early age. The days of unstructured play at the schoolyard is being replaced with an increased number of competitions year-round. Unfortunately, young athletes are often not physically prepared for this increase in volume and specialization. By concentrating on a single sport, athletes often develop the sport-specific skills they need but do not develop the required functional strength and fitness to excel and remain injury free.

Functional training involves whole body exercises that condition muscles to work together properly in a coordinated manner. This approach to training emphasizes appropriate body motions, and goes far beyond simply improving muscular strength. It helps to strengthen supporting muscles that are often not developed with early sports specialization. All young athletes and even older non-competitive adults can reap their benefit.



This has been the foundation of our protocols for all baseball, soccer, volleyball, softball, lacrosse, swimming, tennis, basketball and even bowling. The results are stronger connective tissue, more flexible muscle and greater range of motion. These athletes have returned to their respective sports and DOMINATED!

Combined with our Energy System Sprints, athletes are better conditioned and more durable.

The result is a more complete athlete - blazing speed, explosive power, fluid agility, innate reaction and jump-start quickness!



How does functional training enhance sports performance?

Functional training is excellent for sports preparation because it emphasizes multi-planar movement activities involving strength, power, and stability. It can help athletes improve their running, jumping, balance, and strength. Proper functional training focuses on quality body mechanics and the development of core strength.

Why is core strength important?

Core muscles consist of the deep abdominal, pelvic floor, lower back, shoulder girdle, and hip muscles. They act to stabilize the body during peripheral movement and are crucial to generating power, decreasing the risk of injuries, and improving performance.

Does functional training improve technique?

I liken functional training to my learning how to swim as an adult. Initially what felt correct to me in the pool was not efficient and certainly wasn’t pretty swimming. Trying to make corrections and develop proper technique felt very awkward. However, after practicing proper technique thousands of times the more appropriate muscle firing patterns felt more comfortable and made me a better swimmer.

Does functional training improve technique?

In functional training, weight bars and machines have been replaced with stretch cords, medicine balls, and body weight exercises. Balance training is done first on a stable surface (the ground) and then progressed to unstable surfaces (stability balls and dynadiscs). Plyometrics, where the body coils and uses its stored energy to recoil, builds power, decreasing the risk of injuries, and improving performance.


This program has FLOURISHED with our track & field, football and baseball athletes over the summer. In this program we include woodway high performance treadmill runs, vertimax ballistic resistance form running, first step explosion movement, resisted prowler push sled and THE BEAST FROM THE EAST - The HS Elite treadmill!

These devices push even the world's fastest sprinters to their LIMITS. One of our female pro track athletes is one of the fastest women in the world. This is how you go from 9.90 to 9.58 in the 100 m!
Guaranteed to take 2/10  to 6/10 off your FASTEST TIMES. This type of cverspeed training is normally found in Olympic Training Complexes for the Elite Sprinters in the WORLD, USAIN BOLT sound familiar?
Well, we have one right here in Katy and NLA is the only place to offer it. So if you are in your off-season for track and The Need For Speed is there, then NLA has everything you need to become The Fastest In The Field.

Speed is the ability to move quickly across the ground or move limbs rapidly to grab or throw. Speed is not just how fast someone can run (or cycle, swim etc.), but is dependent on their acceleration (how quickly they can accelerate from a stationary position), maximal speed of movement, and also speed maintenance (minimizing deceleration). Movement speed requires good strength and power, but also too much body weight and air resistance can act to slow the person down. In addition to a high proportion of fast twitch muscle fibers, it is vital to have efficient mechanics of movement to optimize the muscle power for the most economical movement technique.

Types of Sports Speed

There are four main components of speed:

starting speed - Starting speed is the ability of an athlete to go from a stopped or non-moving state to a moving or mobile state. Starting speed is a crucial opponent of sports and is often referred to as the "first step". For many sports, it takes just that one step to blow by your opponent, so it should come as no surprise that training starting speed is very important in sports.

The second component of speed is acceleration. acceleration - Acceleration is defined as the ability of an athlete to reach maximal speed in the shortest amount of time, under control. The two typical ways to improve acceleration are by improving the athlete's stride length and stride frequency. Stride length is the amount of distance covered by one full stride of an athlete, and stride frequency is how fast an athlete can turn over the limb to produce another stride.

Speed efficiency - Speed efficiency covers both the range of motion of the athlete and the deliberateness of the athlete's movement. A flexible athlete will have improved speed efficiency because the body will be able to move through the optimal range of motion with less drag from a tight muscle. Also, by being flexible, an athlete can utilize the optimal movement patterns that will lead to increased stride length speed endurance - Ask this question, is being fast if you can't keep it up?

Speed endurance is the ability to maintain top levels of speed while performing repeated bouts of your sports skill without becoming fatigued. Speed endurance is usually dictated by the three energy systems in the body.


We had 5 junior olympics competitors this year, 4 Commonwelath Games athletes and One of The World's Fastest, Michelle Lee Ahye!

Adult Fitness:

Well folks, with school starting on the 25th of August and football starting even sooner, TIME TO GET BACK TO THE GYM! We offer group and one on one sessions no matter what your fitness level.
We are certified and degreed with over 30 years experience. We also offer nutrition and exercise prescription. Let NLA show you how fun it can be to finally achieve your fitness goals.

At nla, we provide a family atmosphere with something for everyone in the family. Getting into shape is easier than the fitness industry tries to tell you, it is not a $1,200 a month investment! For ONLY $160 a month our trainers will teach you that you are capable of a fitness level better than you ever imagined.
Our facility is not a typical gym with countless people sitting around, trying to talk you out of working out or simply in your way. All sessions are guided, supervised and results driven. We will not waste your time by stringing you along month after month like the gyms in this area.


NLA Fitness

In Season Strength/Recovery Program:

We excel at both preventing injuries and healing them if they occur. We strongly believe in both "prehab" and "rehab." Our Inseason training provides athletes with the option to stay healthy, keep all the gains from the off season and minimize all those nagging injuries that can last an entire season.

During adam taylor’s senior season with the Katy Tigers as they won state in 2012, nla played a major role in his ability to get back to football and stay healthy the entire season.
Everyday during that season he participated in this very program to get healthier as the season progressed. Let me remind you that he completely shredded his knee the first game ot the 2011 season. He had one of the best surgeons in the country put his knee back together and we took over his recover.
That season is one in the history books of KISD as he broke several records, earned all American status, received a scholarship to the university of Nebraska and become the BADDEST DUDE ON THE PLANET!
Just last season another KISD Star went down early in the season and we got him back on the field completely recovered from his injury by the end of the district games and he is now an ARMY ALL AMERICAN!

Functional training involves whole body exercises that condition muscles to work together properly in a coordinated manner.
This approach to training emphasizes appropriate body motions, and goes far beyond simply improving muscular strength.
It helps to strengthen supporting muscles that are often not developed with early sports specialization. All young athletes and even older non-competitive adults can reap their benefit.

Power Plate equipment produces harmonic vibration, not occupational vibration. Unlike occupational vibration, harmonic vibration is predictable, consistent and does not cause back pain.

Power plate is a certified medical devices, meaning the health claims have been proven through scientific studies.

One proven benefit of Power Plate training is increased bone density - a positive effect on bones that keeps them from breaking. In addition, Power Plate vibration training helps to stimulate connective tissue, such as ligaments and tendons.

The stimulation results in a reduced chance of injury during competition.


Our strength program during the season in one of FUNCTIONAL STRENGTH with high repetitions and medium weight training. Focusing on training movements not muscles.

NLA has helped 100's of KISD athletes get back to the game they love with our rehab training and saved even more from injuries ever occurring with our prehab program!

Please call 832-437-9629 to speak with our degreed and certified staff about the great in-season option.

In Season Strength/Recovery Training


Other training option at NLA:

Youth Performance Class

Multi Sports Summer Camp 2014

Sport Specific

Competitor Training

Nutrition with Tarsha!


Play Like A Pro, Train Like A Pro.
GOD Gives You Talent, Don't Waste Your Talent.

Next Level Athletics Headquarters
21734 Provincial Blvd. Ste. 240
Katy, TX 77450
mobile: 832-272-0827


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