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January Performance and Strength for the entire FAMILY

January 1, 2013
By coach Silva of Next Level Athletics Sports

Happy New Year from NLA!

NLA had an unbelievable 2012 and we will take a moment to share with each of you on this past year:

3 KYF Turf Bowl Championships - Eagles, Titans, Dolphins
1 KAAFL 6th Grade Championship - Cougars
1 FO1 Sports 4th Grade Championship - Aggies
2 Junior Championship - 7th & 8th grade Katy Tigers
1 Division II High School Championship - The Mighty Katy Tigers
A KISD Single Season RB Record with 2,749 YARDS WITH 44 TOUCHDOWNS - A T!
Houston Touchdown Club Finalist
Texas High School State Championship Offensive MVP
5 NCAA Bowl Appearances - Rice, Arizona, West Virginia, Oregon, SMU
3 NCAA Bowl Wins - Rice, SMU, Arizona so far
First NFL RB - C. Moons #42 of the Tennessee Titans

Before we get started, if you are an NCAA Athlete getting ready for your first season or preparing for the Next one and looking for a facility to train, look no further.

We have over 50 division 1 and 2 athletes who call NLA home. Our Pro Athlete Protocols will have you playing your best this coming season.

During Christmas break we can introduce you to training that will take you back to school in better condition, stronger, faster and with more explosive power!

These sessions take place mornings, afternoons and nights - one on one with Coach Rey and include strength, performance, position specific, combine prep and nutrition. Recovery training with vibration plate and suspension straps.

Let NLA lead your workouts away from campus and see how easy it is perform on CAMPUS!

Our January Performance and Strength Training begins JANUARY 2nd! You can sign up NOW and Join The Revolution That Is NLA! If you have not visited NLA since we moved into our indoor/outdoor complex maybe it's time to come home.

We now have indoor turf performance training area, full strength training gym, kickboxing, MMA, jiu jitsu and ADULT STRENGTH TRAINING!

PARENTS, if you are tired of not getting results, completely bored with your routine and needing something to get you going and back into the GYM then NLA is just right for you!

You will strength train to improve muscle tone, cardio train to lose body fat, suspension strap train to improve joint stability and isometric strength train, COMPLETE CORE DEVELOPMENT

You Can Sign Up NOW

This year during both our Strength and Performance session, NLA will introduce two device, Vertimax and Versusfit suspension strap training. The devices improve on explosive power, stability, strength and core. Also our tractor tire and prowler push sled protocols have changed.

The newest sport science on these devices requires contrast sprints without and as usual NLA follows the latest developments in sports training.

The Performance sessions are offered Monday through Thursday at 4:30 and 6 pm. The 4:30 session is being offered this year for our older athletes and it coincides with our Strength Program which takes place and 4:30 pm Friday through Sunday.

Monday and Wednesday - tractor tire flips, battle ropes, prowler push sleds, vertimax, change of direction sprints and complete core development

Tuesday and Thursday - jammers, medicine ball routine, plate resisted/no resistance safe plyo box jumps, weighted vest/no vest hurdle/ladder drills, deceleration sprints, suspension straps and complete core development

For our athletes who participate in both Strength and Performance at 4:30 we recommend the following schedule:

Wednesday through Sunday or Friday through Tuesday with two days rest.

Included in the strength program is our other speed enhancement device, Woodway High Performance Treadmill. This device will reduce 40 yard dash times by 2/10's to 4/10's of a second.

Olympic training facilities and professional sports teams alike have been using this device for years to improve speed.

An excellent tool for speed training, by utilizing over speed training concepts, increasing power output, improving running mechanics, increasing stride frequency, and addressing the metabolic needs of each athlete.

The days of relying on a track coach to teach you how to run like a track athlete ARE OVER!

NLA offers Woodway Treadmill Training, Vertimax and Prowler Push Sled for speed and first step quickness.

Battle ropes, tractor tire flips, prowler push sled and vertimax for velocity and momentum, power and explosion.

Vertimax, safe plyo boxes and medicine ball routine for vertical power. Weighted vest and no vest hurdle/ladder drills for agility and quick feet.


These photos give you a glimpse of our well equipped complex!

Wanna Play Like A Pro, Then Train Like A Pro!


facebook: nlakaty
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mobile: 832-272-0827

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Katy, TX 77450

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