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September Newsletter

August 30, 2012
By coach Silva of Next Level Athletics Sports

NLA Performance Program:

In these sessions each athlete trains with Velocity and Momentum Principles, Explosion and Reactive Neuromuscular Training along with Speed and Power output. Sports Science protocols established in the last two years has determined these methods prove to be the best way to improve performance.

We accomplish this with our Performance Circuit which includes Tractor Tires, Battle Ropes, Prowler Push Sleds, Ground Pull Sleds, Plyo Boxes and Change of Direction Sprints.

These principles were introduced to all 2011-2012 NLA athletes and the RESULTS were Unbelievable! You will see these athletes in action in the NFL, all over the country in college and in our area in KISD and ALL YOUTH LEAGUES!

If you are getting ready for your upcoming softball, basketball, baseball, soccer or track n field, NLA SHOULD BE YOUR ONLY TRAINING OPTION! We will guarantee your Next Season will be your Best Season! You will not find better staff, better programming or better results in the area.



We are the ONLY H.I.R.T. program in Katy.

Lock and Load Strap - Pro

High Intensity Repetition Training and we are about to take this system to The Next Level! Coming soon to NLA is the complete Lock and Load Strap System to build even more muscle, strength and power endurance.  

High School In-Season Program:

This year we will offer all current in-season athletes the option to heal faster, stay healthier and play more games without those nagging injuries that keep you from playing at your best.

Every Sunday at 4:30 athletes can join us for Suspension Strap, Lock n Load Straps, Vibration Plate and Resistance Band Rehab.


Each of these activities focuses on the smaller muscles groups, the ligaments and tendons as well as joint stability. As the season wears on an athlete, the body begins to breakdown. This program will help the athlete go into each week of practice and games with little to no pain, soreness or reduction in performance.


NLA Strength Training:

We will continue this program throughout the football season this year for all athletes looking to get stronger as the season wears on. We lift on Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 4:30 pm.

Join us for High Intensity Repetition Training that will make you stronger, powerful and more explosive! This last off-season all our Strength Athletes became some of the strongest athletes at the schools. With additional strength, athletes play with more confidence, run through other players and have a greater capacity for power output.


In other words, fatigue and exhaustion are no longer a concern, H.I.R.T. - High Intensity Repetition Training forces each athlete to push heavy weight for longer periods of time and improve anaerobic conditioning.

Also our adult program is stronger than ever with 15 moms and daughters toning up, leaning out and getting in better shape. These workouts take place in the mornings and evenings for all who are interested.

The adults in this program have seen improved strength, increased lean muscle and reduction in body fat. One mom has gone down 5 sizes in 3 months!


Again, Real Training with Real Results!

Stronger Athletes Are Faster Athletes

Tennessee Titans:



Wanna Play Like A Pro, Then Train Like A Pro!


facebook: nlakaty
Make Every Rep Count!

mobile: 832-272-0827

21734 Provincial
Katy, TX 77450

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