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June 3, 2012
By coach Silva of Next Level Athletics Sports


On Monday June 4th we kick off our 7th annual Katy Area Sports Summer Camp for all ages. Join us from 8am to 1pm daily for a safe, fun, and challenging sports camps for all sports. Registration is still open and spots are available but we are filling up. You will not find better programming or staff anywhere in Katy.

Athletes walk away from our camps in better shape, better condition and a better athlete. Visit nlainc.org NOW to sign up.

College/Varsity Performance and Strength/Treadmill Training:

Also beginning Monday, June 4th, our high school varsity and college athletes begin their push to first Full Pads practice!

Over the next two months this program will provide them Position Specific Drills, Resisted Route Trees, One on Ones, Competitions and Game Simulation Sprints on Monday and Wednesday at West Memorial Jr High.

On Tuesday and Thursday they will participate in Pro Suspension Straps, Vibration Plates, Plate Jammers, Plate Core, Tractor Tire Flips, Battle Ropes, Prowler Push Sleds and Plyo Box Jumps at Gracie Barra Performance Complex.

Strength and Treadmill Training will continue on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 4:30 to 6pm ONLY at Gracie Barra Performance Complex.

Friday - Legs, Back, Resistance Bands and Plate Core

Saturday - Chest, Bicep, Resistance Bands and Plate Core

Sunday - Shoulders, Triceps, Resistance Bands and Woodway High Performance Treadmill Training

Four days a week of Performance Training and three days of strength, each Session is still ONLY $100.00 per month.

NLA athletes earn varsity positions as underclassmen and NLA college athletes find themselves starters as true freshmen!

So join us this summer and realize your true potential and learn How To Be Great! Visit College/Varsity Performance NOW!

Adult Fitness:

We have expanded this program to Monday, Wednesday Friday at 10:30 am as well as 6pm with a Tuesday/Thursday 10:30 am option. Saturday and Sunday can be made available as well.

We NOW have diets available to all adults who train with us. With our Summer Camp beginning, this is a great way to spend your morning while the kids participate.

Only $100.00 per month with 7 days a week to choose from for a three to four day split routine. Come join us and see how easy it is to realize your fitness goals. Results always guaranteed with fun and challenging programming.

Each session will feel like a private training program in a small group format. Get fast results, fun workout and diet to ensure results remain.

At NLA, we train our athletes for immediate results and our adults get the same treatment! Our certified NSCA trainers will get you in shape NOW!

Wanna Play Like A Pro, Then Train Like A Pro!
facebook: nlakaty
Make Every Rep Count!

mobile: 832-272-0827
21734 Provincial
Katy, TX 77450

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