REQUIRED FORMS FOR ATHLETIC PARTICIPATION ARE HERE: Please visit the district web site for complete information on the district paperwork and fee payment for athletic participation.

TEAM APPAREL ORDER FORM: The Eagle Track & Field Program offers team apparel for the spring season. Purchasing warm-ups are not mandatory, but are strongly suggested. We are a team and we should look like a team. Please print out this form and follow the instructions for making payment.

ATHLETE INFORMATION SHEET: This 2 page form should be printed, completed by the athlete, and turned in to the coach on the first practice day! Be sure to note any potential schedule conflicts on this form.

SEASON GOAL SHEET: Individual and team goals for each third of the season must be articulated on this form and placed in the athlete's team folder.

2015 PARENT MEETING AGENDA: The 2015 season parent meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 2, at 6:00pm in the NUHS cafeteria. Parents can get a head start on signing up for meet volunteer duties by visiting our 2015 PARENT VOLUNTEER SIGN UP PAGE HERE!

LETTER REQUIREMENTS: Athletes will be recognized as "Participants" or "Lettermen" based on this criteria.

Important Team Rules

1. Consistent Practice Attendance: Each athlete is expected to attend all practices. Every effort must be made to schedule time so that there are no conflicts with daily practice. If a valid reason for missing practice exists (illness or emergency), the athlete must notify the coach prior to the practice that will be missed. MISSING PRACTICE WITHOUT PRIOR NOTIFICATION WILL RESULT IN SPECIFIC CONSEQUENCES FOR EACH ABSENCE:

  • 1st Unexcused Absence: The athlete will be given an opportunity to make up the missed practice. If the athlete does not complete this, he/she will have to miss one meet.
  • 2nd Unexcused Absence: Same consequence as above, plus the athlete will lose any progress he/she has made toward lettering.
  • 3rd Unexcused Absence: The athlete will be asked to turn in his/her uniform, and be dismissed from the team.

2. Punctuality: Each athlete is expected to arrive to practice and competitions on time and ready to run. SECOND TIME LATE WILL RESULT IN CAMPUS CLEAN-UP. IF LATENESS BECOMES CHRONIC YOU WILL BE DROPPED FROM THE TEAM.

3. Practice Apparel: Each athlete is required to wear RUNNING SHOES, SHORTS, TOPS, & SWEAT PANTS to practice. Sweat Pants will be worn for warm-up, stretching, and drills every day regardless of weather.

4. Meet Uniforms: Team uniforms, sweats & team shirts are to be worn at all competitions. Athletes are expected to step off the bus wearing sweats and team shirts! Sweats & team shirts shall remain on at all times before and after your races! This is important for warming-up, mental focus, team unity, & intimidating our opponents. WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Wash in cold, hang dry! DO NOT PUT IN DRYER!

5. Athlete Conduct: Track & Field Team members represent the premier athletic program at NUHS. They are representatives of the school and the community. Each athlete is responsible for continuing our tradition of exemplary conduct. Support your teammates, make a positive contribution to the sport, and act responsibly in every situation. Problems must be handled in a mature and rational manner. Communication with your coach is essential.

6. Transportation to and from Competition: Team policy regarding student-athlete transportation will be followed WITHOUT exception! This policy is as follows: Athletes transported from NUHS to an away competition via district bus must also return to NUHS via district bus or be released to their legal guardian at the competition site. Athletes will not be released to anyone other than a legal guardian. Friends, relatives, neighbors, etc., are NOT legal guardians. Team policy further requires that any athlete not returning to NUHS with the team via district bus give the head coach written notification and visual confirmation of the presence of a legal guardian before departure. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THESE PROCEDURES WILL RESULT IN SUSPENSION FROM THE TEAM. Please remember Track & Field is a team sport, we EXPECT all athletes travel with the team. There are circumstances where an athlete may need to leave with their legal guardian.

Mandatory Equipment

REQUIRED ITEMS: The following items are required at all practices and competitions.

  • Water Bottle
  • Running Shoes
  • Spikes (sprinters, hurdlers, jumpers)
  • Sweat Pants
  • Running Shorts

          *** Spikes are not required for 7th & 8th Graders, but are strongly encouraged

Lettering Policy

Any Athlete will receive a varsity letter if they achieve any one of the following criteria:

1. Score on average 1 point in each varsity track meet throughout the season (12 meets = 12 points). Points scored in 9th grade, 10th grade, or JV meets do not count towards lettering. 

2. Place individually, or on a relay at any of the following track meets:
          Conference Meet, Section Individual Meet, state Individual Meet

3. Achieve the lettering standard in one event at any track meet during the season. Relay splits will not count as meeting time standards.

4. Any senior athlete who completes their third, fourth, or fifth year of High School Track & Field.

*** The coaching staff reserves the right to award a letter to anyone who does not achieve one of the previous guidelines. Athletes who demonstrate an excellent attitude, a high amount of dedication, and an outstanding amount of effort may earn a letter.