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How to upload video to archive on iHigh.TV

As schools find the ease of use of our iHigh.TV tool and the iHigh.TV broadcasting, many are seeking to upload archival video for viewing. The purpose of this tutorial is to assist current iHigh.TV users in uploading their content to iHigh.TV.

Note: We recommend that if your video content is 30 minutes in length or greater that you utilize this method of video upload. If your video is less than 30 minutes in length, we suggest you use the video upload function from your website.

Step by Step Process

  1. Obtain User Name & Password from
  2. Download and install software
  3. Schedule a broadcast
  4. Upload video to iHigh.TV site
  5. Verify Broadcast is in archives

Step 1 – Obtaining a User Name & Password has partnered with iHigh.TV to provide the ability to do Live Streaming Broadcasts. As such, we require a separate registration process . As an Administrator on the website, you may contact your representative to request a User Name and Password to utilize the iHigh.TV software and broadcast live. Once you acquire this password and this tutorial, you are well on your way to creating an Archived Broadcast from your website.

Step 2 – Downloading the iHIgh.TV software

After logging into your iHigh account, a screen will appear with “Your Website Tools”. Click on the “iHigh.TV LiveStream” link and you will download the software needed to do a live stream. See our Live Streaming tutorial for more details

Step 3 – Schedule a Broadcast

Login to your website as the Administrator and then select “Schedule a Video Broadcast” from “Your Website Tools”

Step 4 – Login to Broadcast Manager

After selecting “Schedule a new broadcast”, the following screen will appear. You will need to have a special user name (your email address) and password assigned to access this site. Please contact your iHigh representative to obtain this if you do not have one. Input your User Name and Password in the boxes and then click on the “Submit” button

Step 5 – Schedule a New Broadcast

After clicking “Submit”, the following screen will appear. This is where you can schedule a new broadcast. Click the “Click Here to Schedule a New Broadcast” link to create the new broadcast.

Step 6 – Selecting Broadcast Type

The iHigh.TV Broadcast Manager screen will appear. It is from this window that you will be able to select the Broadcast Type, create an Event Name and Description and select the Date and Start Time for your broadcast. Select the Broadcast Type via the drop down menu. Typically, for a video from a DVD or file you would select “Video Broadcast 500” as this will provide the best resolution.

Step 7 – Create Event and Time

Create an Event Name and a Description. Select the Date and Start Time (you can PRE-date to the date and time of the actual game or video). Once completed, click on the “Insert” button.

Step 8 – Obtain the Media ID of event

Your Broadcast is now scheduled. Since this will be a video upload rather than a live broadcast, you will need to note the Media ID as it will be used later on in the process.

Step 9 – Verify you have iHigh.TV Software

Now that you have created the broadcast and have a Media ID number, you are ready to start the video upload process. If you have not already done so, download the Live Stream software and install it from your home page Website Tools when logged on as an Administrator. See the LiveStream tutorial for details. Once installed, you should have an icon on your desktop. Double click the icon to open the LiveStream software.

Step 10 – Go Online into iHigh.TV Live Stream

After clicking the icon, the following screen will appear. You will select “Go Online” to begin the upload.

Step 11 – Upload Previous

Click on the “Upload Previous” button. Since this is not a live broadcast, the Upload Previous allows you to upload a video for archived broadcast.

Step 12 – Completing the project

You will be prompted for your Username and Password. This will be the same Username and Password used to setup the Broadcast Event in Step 2. After entering this information, click on the “Login” button.

Step 13 – Message Popup

After clicking Login, you may see the following screen popup. Just click on OK to continue.

Step 14 – Browse for video file

After clicking on OK, the following window will pop up. This is the uploader. Click on the “Browse” button to locate the video you will upload. This video must be a .wmv file.

Step 15 – Selecting video file

After clicking on the “Browse” button, go to the location on your computer that your movie file is stored. Find the file, select it and then click on “Open”

Your movie file name will now show up on the uploader window.

Step 16 – Enter Media ID

Now enter the Event ID, which is the number from Step 8. After entering the number, click on “Publish”

Step 17– Upload progress

You will now see the upload progress in the Status window

Step 18– Upload Complete

Once the upload is completed you will see a message similar to the one below. Disregard the link as there will be a link on the site.

Step 19– Locate video in archived broadcasts

After the upload completes, you will want to verify the upload on the site. Check in the “Archived Video Broadcasts” section for your video. You may also click on “Live Broadcasts” to find your video.

Step 20 – Select Broadcast to Hide

If you selected “Live Broadcasts”, the following page will come up on your internet browser. You will want to select the “Completed” tab.

Step 21 – Verify Broadcast Upload

After selecting the “Completed” tab, look for your video in the list of completed and archived videos. Click on the link to verify that your video is working.

Step 22 – View Archived Broadcast

You should now have a screen come up that has your video showing on it. You can add the link to the video anywhere in your site.

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