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Scoreboard Has the Nation's Biggest Friday Scoreboard! is the place to come on Friday night for the most extensive list of Friday Night scores from the following states:

North Carolina
South Carolina

The Alltech Ag Network

Alltech Ag Network Alltech has partnered with global online network iHigh for the creation of a web portal and streaming video channel specifically devoted to agriculture. The Alltech Ag Network will provide a platform for agriculture's stories to be told, specifically through the live online broadcast of agriculture events.

Network features include live streaming, mobile broadcasting, unlimited photo uploads, a calendar system for event promotion, and email blast functions.

For Ag Related content around the country including FFA news, State Fair broadcasts, Rodeos and more, visit

November 18
NJCAA DI Volleyball Championship All Day
NJCAA DI Women's Soccer Championship All Day
NJCAA DII Volleyball Championship All Day
NJCAA DI Men's Soccer Championship All Day
Grayson vs. Lowndes Football 7:30 pm EST
Edmond Santa Fe vs. Jenks Football 7:25 pm CST

November 19
NJCAA DI Volleyball Championship All Day
NJCAA DII Volleyball Championship All Day
Boylan Catholic vs. Lake Zurich Football 12:45 pm CST
Eric Snow Sports Verizon Holiday Classic 1:00 pm EST
ABA's Atlanta Experience vs. NBA All-Stars 7:00 pm EST

To watch or listen to any Live or Archived games on iHigh.TV, click here.
Paul Laurence Dunbar High School in Lexington, KY is this week's featured school. The school recently launched their own iHigh Customizable Storefront - click here to check out the sweet Dunbar gear and apparel! Nice job, Bulldogs - and keep up the good work!


 Pass Tha Ball (OR)
 Basile High School (LA)
 LAX Power (PA)
 D1Spects Nation (GA)
 Wrestling Super Duals (OH)

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