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"iHigh has been a great asset to our school by allowing us to promote our program to the parents, fans and the rest of the community all for FREE! Through our partnership with iHigh our football program was able to raise over $20,000 in just the first 2 years."
-Rich Wilkie, Head Football Coach, Andover HS, MN

"I was able to watch the girls volleyball game live the other night and I can honestly say...what a blessing.  I have deployed quite a few times now, and with modern technology this is truly a first.  I want to thank whoever is in charge of the live feed...I know Tim Andersen plays an integral role. While I am currently 7,346 miles from home this definitely helps bridge the gap.  Please help keep an eye on my girls, take care, and tell everyone I said hello!"
-Matthew W. Gallegos, Maj, USAF

"I jumped South Panola 5 spots during the year in the National Football Rankings, because I was able to watch on iHigh and see how dominating they were. I had always heard about SP Football, but being able to watch 10 of their games on iHigh, led me to rank them a very deserving #1 in the country! If anyone is better than South Panola in high school football in 2010, I have not seen them."
-Dallas Jackson,

"A combination of our broadcasting page with over 1 million page views and our campaign buy of 500,000 impressions on has resulted in over capacity attendance at the last 5 admissions events at Georgetown. We believe our relationship with iHigh as our broadcast and marketing partner has been directly related to the success of those events."
-Dr. Bill Crouch, President, Georgetown College, KY

"We love iHigh, we (Petal High) just won another State 6 A baseball Championship, and not only is iHigh free to us, but we had games on mobile phones, and as a booster club we made money selling ads, and giving sponsors ads on the site, and with over 250,000 views for the baseball games, we are sold on iHigh and so are our sponsors!"
-Robert Burgess, Petal High School, MS

"This is a game-changer! We're on to something special..."
-Rob Ebel, Moeller HS, OH

"Boylan Catholic High School has been affiliated with iHigh for several years. Our website has been a great tool for our school and keeps the Boylan Catholic community connected. The addition of EZStream/iHigh TV has certainly boosted the interest in our website. This option gives our relatives, alumni, and friends another opportunity to connect with Boylan Catholic. TitanVision is very popular and growing daily!… great, user-friendly website and a tested streaming network at an affordable price… FREE! We love it! "
-Jeff Phad – Boylan Catholic High School, IL

" has enabled us to become successful in our first year of operation! Raider Sports Network is very thankful that you folks ( have this thing going and we applaud your efforts! is a site that every school in the country should turn to. There is no better way to promote your students/athletes and your school "
-Redd Rider, PBP Announcer – Raider Sports Network/Good Hope High School, AL

"The DeSoto County Schools Activities Association (DCSAA) switched to iHigh in October of 2010 and we could not be more pleased.  I have personally been involved in streaming LIVE video for more than 10 years and during that time I have used several streaming providers, in addition to maintaining "In-House" servers and can honestly say that none have been more reliable than iHigh.  I must admit I was reluctant to make the switch but glad we did. Not only has the service been better but the technical support (when we have needed it) has been absolutely outstanding. I would also add that using iHigh is simple and easy.  In fact it could not be easier, even for those that may be technically challenged. This year we plan to stream all eight of our high school starting this fall and adding our eight middle schools next year. 
I would highly recommend iHigh to any school and would love to see more Mississippi schools get on-board.  If there is anyway I can assist schools in our area, please have them contact me. "
-Floyd Graham, Video Coordinator - DeSoto County Schools, MS

" is the best advertising that we do at NKU. It provides us with the most targeted advertising, directly into the schools, of anything we buy at NKU."
-Rick Meyer, Marketing Director, Northern Kentucky University, KY

"In short... iHigh is great! Its easy.  Its fun.  Its highly visible.  Its highly positive.  The staff is supportive and eager to assist.  And, best of all, its free!  But as the web site administrator, what really makes me smile is when I hear that the student-athletes themselves are visiting the site.  I had a mother tell me, 'My son can't wait until you upload the game highlights so he can watch himself on the videos.  And since his grandparents are not able to attend the games in person, they love to see the video and pictures.' This makes it all worthwhile. "
-Kevin McCloskey, Western Alamance High School, NC

"As a former High School National Championship Tournament participant and current NAQT writer, it was nice to get to see a few games even though I couldn't make it to the tournament. I happened to be able to watch late at night from my room in the Yambu Hotel in Kashgar in extreme Western China – testament, perhaps, to the fact that the world is becoming extraordinarily small. So I hope you know that I and, presumably, many others around the world really appreciated the opportunity to watch."
-Kyle Haddad-Fonda

"iHigh allowed our school to reach over 250 overseas military family members see graduation, and that was a big deal for our military based community here in Enterprise, we love iHigh!"
-Enterprise High School, AL

"Hoover is thrilled with iHigh, we use the free service to generate 300 Plus school event broadcasts last school year ( band, quiz bowl, Senior night, talent shows, beauty walk, graduation, all sports, and AD and Coaches shows). We had more attendance at our events this year, and it has everything to do with visibility and Community collaboration we get from iHigh. People come to games because they watch us online then decide to come to the next game.
"We have raised a substantial amount of fundraising with iHigh with our sponsors and they love iHigh, sure beats asking for donations!"
"The best part is the technology and how iHigh made us the first to have an app, mobile games."
"The parents, alumni, and community love the site cause it has so much, like photos, articles, events, and schedules are up for everyone to see. I would not have believed Hoover would have over 2 million page views in one year on iHigh, and create more site traffic than most D-1 universities. Our kids love the mobile app, the mobile videos, and we found a way to be social media relevant as a school without the dangers of Facebook. Our kids are doing broadcasts, web updates, and Yearbook now has a place to put those thousands of photos to share with everyone.
-Myra Miles, Athletic Director at Hoover High School, AL

"If you want to put your institution's name and message in front of active, engaged high school students in Kentucky and beyond, adding to your marketing mix should be on your must-do list."
Jami Hornbuckle, Asst. VP for Communications & Marketing, Morehead State University, KY

"Please let the entire staff at KHSAA know the video online was a major breakthrough. I had some of my old wrestlers who graduated years ago watching it and calling during the championships telling me how good it was coming through.
The coverage was being viewed in Texas, California, North Carolina, Colorado and one even emailed me from Germany.
Again, that was a great success. Our hats go off to all you. Thanks."
Jarvis Cullen, Wrestling Head Coach, Fort Knox HS

"iHigh has been great for Daphne High School, we are on the cutting edge of technology, and making the entire school digital, and iHigh fits that plan. Now we can show events at the school on mobile devices, and showcase the school in a digital cloud for all past and present DHS alumni to see and follow. We are going to do short films, athletics, and all things in between with iHigh.
It is FREE, so we are really going to use iHigh to it's fullest,  because the kids win, and as Principal, I love the exposure it can create for our students."
-Meredith Foster, Principal at Daphne High School, AL

"We have partnered with iHigh and have been very happy with the results. We know where high school students and their parents are – and iHigh's product is something that is utilized by those target audiences. Additionally, they measure the numbers so we have been able to adjust our packages each year to meet our goals."
Catherine Sivills, Asst. VP for Communication, Murray State University, KY

"I just wanted to say we did our first broadcast last night – it went fantastically!
You guys set up a SUPER easy to use system and it works! Thank you so much for all your help. We're going to use this system for the rest of our meets both big and small."
Michael McDonnell, LFSC, IL

"Broadcasting our games on iHigh hasn’t affected our gates at all. We still see the same numbers coming in. The difference is we also add the hundreds to sometimes over a thousand live viewers also."
Bob Gibson, Associate Principal/Athletic Director at Woodford County HS, KY