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The Rock Report: Ask an Upperclassman

January 29, 2014
New Haven High School

Ask an Upperclassman

Got a question about high school? We’ve got answers!

Dear UC,

We had the fill out these forms the other day in algebra for Datamatch.  What is it?  When will I get my matches?  Will other people see my answers?  

Thanks, Data What?

Dear Data What?,

Datamatch is a Student Council fundraiser that takes place in January and February.  Basically, it is a matchmaking service that pairs up guys and girls based on their answers to the survey.  Everybody in the high school  fills out a questionnaire, and it is sent off to the Datamatch company.   In February, you will be able to purchase your results.  Each person can buy two lists: one of their matches in their grade-level, the other of their matches in the entire high school.  Each list costs $1.  On both sets of results, your top ten matches will be listed.  You will also notice a number in parentheses next to each name.  This number indicates where you are on that person’s name.  EX:  2. Billy Joe Bob (4)  This means that my #2 match is Billy Joe Bob, and I am #4 on his list.  

Overall, don’t take your matches too seriously; this is supposed to be fun!   




Dear UC,

Do people really dress up for Homecoming?  I’m worried that I’ll be the only one dressed in ‘50s wear!

Sincerely, Costume-Conflicted

Dear Costume-Conflicted,

The number of people who dress up for Homecoming varies every year with the theme.  As you’ve already said, this year is a ‘50s Sockhop theme.  Nevertheless, every year, there is always a group of people who dress with the theme.   I know a bunch of people are excited about it this year, so I bet there will be more people dressed up than in the past few years.

If you’re still nervous, you could try getting together a group of friends to all dress up together.  You could go as the cast of Grease.  It’s always fun to go with a group.  If you’re still not convinced, try wearing a modern outfit and adding some vintage accessories. Worst-case, you can just take off the accessories.  Don’t worry too much about fitting in.  Wear something you love!

Best of Luck,


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