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Meet Brad Namdar, new ND soccer coach

August 17, 2014
North Dallas High School Booster Club

Former FC Dallas head coach and former SMU head coach Schellas Hyndman worked with Brad Namdar, his Estagio coach

Age: 25

High school: Plano West Senior High School

College: Southern Methodist University, M.A. Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management, B.A. Journalism, minor Philosophy

What will you be teaching at ND? Business Education 

Years as a soccer player? coach?

  I have had the pleasure of playing soccer my entire life, and I started coaching when I was 17 years old.


What is your best soccer achievement?

I have been fortunate enough to be a part of many nationally recognized soccer programs. Though, that being said, I have so many memories that serve different milestones/memories; but I would have to say my top 5 before North Dallas are:

1. Becoming the first “Estagio,” (coaching apprentice) in the history of the MLS, and U.S. Soccer for FC Dallas in 2010, under head coach Schellas Hyndman (2010 MLS coach of the year).

2. Being a part of a training session with Inter Milan in August 2010, the summer after they won the UEFA Champions League, and then being part of the coaching staff with FC Dallas when we tied them 2-2 on Aug. 5, 2010 (I was 21 years old).

3. Winning back-to-back SPC Championships (2012 and 2013) for the first time in 51 years at St. Marks School of Texas

4. Becoming the director of operations for SMU men’s soccer team in 2012. SMU competes in the NCAA Division I Level; the highest level in college athletics.

5. Being honored by CBS with their “Texan with Character Award,” for my social entrepreneurship soccer company, Dream Big Soccer, during my time at SMU.


What do you know about the North Dallas High soccer program?

I heard of North Dallas High School soccer over the years, but the first time I was told in depth about the talent and potential at North Dallas was by a former assistant/close friend of mine Jeff Loftin (head varsity coach at W.H. Adamson High School). I also saw that North Dallas finished the 2013-14 season ranked number 8 in the state.


How many returning players from last year, and who are the top returning players?

I think that right now it’s hard to say who are the “top” returning players. I can say that the varsity soccer program had six seniors who have graduated and they had important roles on the team.

That being said, the team has 13 returning varsity players that have game experience. At the same time, I can also say that we have five players who I have personally made sure are being recruited to play at the college level. So, at this time, we have at least five players who, in my opinion, can compete at the college level.


Is it too early to talk about your expectations for the coming season? ND is moving into a new district with the likes of Woodrow Wilson, Hillcrest and the Carrollton schools.

 I believe that with the move to UIL 5A, the new teams we will be competing against and the higher level of competition will ultimately provide a tremendous opportunity for our soccer program. As far as my expectations for the upcoming season, I can say that my expectations are as follows:

1.  All of my players will put their academics, school conduct and representation of not only our soccer program but as well as North Dallas very seriously; grades are the most important factor above all.

2. We will be a very competitive team given we take care of things in the classroom and conduct the necessary training, conditioning, strength building and tactical practices we need.

3. I believe at this level, North Dallas has a huge soccer culture and massive potential. The technical skills are high and if we focus on not only improving on our technical skills but creating a solid tactical foundation, we can become very successful.

4. If everything goes according to plan; my boys meet my expectations in the classroom, we have the quality training sessions that we need on the field and in the weight room; I expect to elevate our program to be ranked in the top three in the state.  


Have you had a chance to meet the team, and what have y'all been doing this summer?

 I have met the team and am very excited about the boys. This summer, we have been doing a lot and I encourage our boosters, fans, supporters and everyone else to visit our new Facebook page, “North Dallas High School Varsity Boys Soccer,” and  you can see what we have been up to this summer. This summer we have:

1.    Worked (and on currently working on) renovating our locker room.

2.    Planting grass seeds on our field to have a pitch to play/practice on this summer and the upcoming season.

3.    I have created a three-month off-season strength and conditioning program that all of our soccer players at North Dallas have a copy of, and work on in their spare time.

4.    3 to 4 times a week players have been coming in at 9 a.m. to work on their strength and conditioning followed by open gym.

5.    Secured new boosters that have been very supportive.

6.    Ordered new uniforms, gear and training equipment.

7.    Have had multiple college recruiting visits for my prospective college prep players.

8.    Many of the players have also been working full-time summer jobs offered by one of our newest boosters, Loloi Rugs.

9.    Working on potential community service projects sponsored by our varsity soccer program.

10.  Working on our 2014-15 academic agenda as well as year goals.


Any final comments?

 The most important things I want fans, boosters, supporters of North Dallas varsity soccer and everyone else to know are the following:

1. I want to thank both Principal Ms. Escanilla and Athletic Director Carlton Dixon. Ms. Escanilla’s passion for the classroom and vision for academic excellence is very much in line with my expectations for the soccer program and I cant think of a better principal for any school. 

The North Dallas High School Athletic Booster Club members I have met as well as the North Dallas teachers, coaching staffs and faculty have been incredibly welcoming and supportive.

2.    We have to give a tremendous amount of appreciation/thanks to our new supporters, boosters and sponsors of North Dallas varsity soccer. Upon my arrival, we have been able to bring aboard new boosters such as Cowboy/Ranger Cab, 107.5 CBS’ Shoboy and Ana Cruz (which came to our at the end of the year parent meeting and gave free tickets to the Ivory Coast game in June, support, and did a special on our soccer team this summer), Zico Premium Coconut Water (providing top of the line rehydration products for our boys to make sure they are hydrated after training), Soccer Corner, Soccer City, Kids Depot 2000 + and many other private supporters.

Though, I would like to give a special thanks to Loloi Rugs. Loloi Rugs has become a new big booster of our soccer program and has also given jobs to members of our soccer program; providing full-time summer jobs. These types of support, opportunity and relationships are vital for growth and success for our soccer program.

3.  Finally, I look forward to our upcoming season and am excited for the opportunity to compete this year with this special group of young men. These boys are hungry for success, opportunity and have come in all summer in the morning to workout/prepare for the season.

I want to thank everyone for their support and hope to see you at our games this year! Again, thank you and GO BULLDOGS!    

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