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Coaches' corner: "Not a good game"

November 13, 2012
North Dallas High School Booster Club


North Dallas head coach Brad Peirson reflects on the 30-7 loss to Molina, which ended the Bulldogs' playoff hopes:

The Good: The first half was good. We played great defense and scored offensively to take a lead into the locker room.


The Bad: The second half didn't go as planned. We turned the ball over too much, and I believe the defense got tired. Once Molina took the lead I believe they never looked back. They weren't very confident coming into this game, but once they started rolling, we just couldn't stop them.


Overall: Just not a good game by the Bulldogs.



North Dallas head coach Brad Peirson reflects on the 30-3 win over Adamson:


The Good: Our defense has become a real force against the run. I think that was evident in this game. Our offense has done a tremendous job of not turning the ball over and keeping that clock running. I can't say enough good things about this game. The coaches at North Dallas (Donny Gray, Brian Barnett, Shaun Ratcliffe, Troy Powers, Sean Smith and two former Bulldogs...Marco Contreras and Fred Trevino) have done a tremendous job of getting our team prepared every week. And these kids are a fun group to be around.


The Bad: Two fumbles and six penalties. We can't turn the ball over and we have to continue to get less and less penalties.


Overall: Great game by the Dogs! So many kids played well in this game. QB Jason Medellin played a heckuva game running and throwing, WR/CB JR Haynes has had back-to-back games with a touchdown on offense and an interception on defense. The Big Dawgs offensive line (Darnell Anderson, Jesus "Chicken" Ortiz, Jesse Godinez, Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez, Michael Cantu and Juan "Shrek" Gamino, Hajrudin Pracic, Ronald Vann) have played well for the last few games. Receivers (Justin Townsend, Geo Manning, Juwan "Lil Poodah" Lampkin, Roderick Johnson, Roberto Rodriguez) have continuously come up with big plays. Our running backs have been very solid (John Jones, Allen Moore and Jeffrey Hall). Kicker (Luis Chaparro) has been superb on field goals and extra points.

And I can't say enough about that Dawg Pound defense, led by (David Moore, Jeremiah Gantt, John Jones and Bennie Tatum)! The Dawg Pound consists of (Trey Robinson, Gamino, Anderson, Lorenzo "Lo-Bid" Bidwell, Lorenzo Galindo, Pracic, Vann, Moore, Hall, Kenny Mira, Haynes, Townsend, Emmanuel "Cali" Lyons, Rodriguez squared, Isaiah Hubbard, Cantu, and Shaquomn Dodd). I hope I didn't leave anyone out, I usually do.


Looking ahead: Molina is 2-7 on the season. I think they've some tough luck this season with injuries. They are still a team that we will have to play our best to beat. They are very well coached and have several players who can break a game open.


Bulldogs head coach Brad Peirson reflects on the 42-15 loss to Carter:

The Good: We never stopped playing hard. We won the second half. We moved the ball well at times, and played really good defense most of the night.

The Bad: We gave a touchdown on a punt return. We fumbled away a touchdown. We had costly penalties.

Overall: I was very pleased with our overall play. We made out of the game with no injuries.

Looking ahead: This is a big week for the Bulldogs. We need to beat Adamson to keep our playoff hopes alive. They have a big physical team that is very well coached. They run the ball 90 percent of the time. If we can slow down their running game and move the ball on offense, I think we'll have great chance to win the game. They beat Seagoville by 5 and Seagoville beat us by 2, so it should be a close game.


Bulldogs head coach Brad Peirson reflects on the 21-19 loss to Seagoville:

The good: We played very well. Every facet of the game we played well, I thought. We had over 300 yards of offense. Our defense was fantastic for the second week in row. Seagoville loves to pound the defense with a power running game and they just weren't able to do that. The coaches thought going into the game that if Seagoville had to throw the football then that would be in our favor, and they had to and did with some success. A lot of good things happened in this game. Jason Medellin had two long touchdown passes, one to Jeremiah Gantt and one to J.R. Haynes. Defensively, Bennie Tatum and Jeffrey Hall played well.

The bad: We lost, of course. We didn't recover the opening kickoff of the second half. We dropped a few catchable footballs. We gave up two long pass plays for touchdowns. Overall, however, I can't say many bad things about this game. As far as I know, North Dallas has never beaten Seagoville and we very easily could have in this game. 

Overall: Great game between two evenly matched teams, in which we came up two points short!

Looking ahead: We play Carter next week at Pleasant Grove Stadium. Carter is one of the three best teams in our district. We will have to play at our best to beat them. They have thrown the ball a lot more this year than in years past, but they still have good running backs and big offensive linemen. Coach Williams does a great job at Carter.



Bulldogs head coach Brad Peirson reflects on the 24-9 win over Pinkston:

The Good: The defensive line dominated the game. We played very patient football and the offense was a big part of that game plan. But our defense was awesome. We forced two turnovers and should have had about three more. We had two touchdowns on defense, and our kicker Luis Chaparro did well, with a field goal and three extra points.

The Bad: We didn't play very well in the first half. We just couldn't get anything going. We turned the ball over too much and didn't block great. Looked kinda like my beloved Longhorns against OU.

Overall: It was a fantastic game for the Orange and White! I told our kids if we could get through those three games against Bishop Dunne, SOC and Kimball and still keep our focus and confidence, then we could reach our goal of the playoffs. We still have that goal and there is a chance. We need to win three of the next four and we can end this 60-year playoff drought! One game at a time.

Looking ahead: They (Seagoville) are a very dangerous team. A fast team with big offensive lineman and well coached. We haven't beaten Seagoville since I've been here but I believe this is the year it's gonna happen. We will have to play smart and limit our turnovers and penalties. 

Bulldogs head coach Brad Peirson reflects on 53-0 loss to Kimball:

The Good: Our kids never stopped playing hard. On offense, our quarterback (Jason Medellin), played well regardless of what the stats show. He did a great job of getting rid of the ball when he needed to. I thought he grew up a lot in this game. He started stepping into his throws and not throwing off of his back foot. Kimball's defensive line is one of the best in the state, so it would have been very understandable if Jason had not stepped into throws.

The Bad: Obviously, losing the game wasn't good. We had several turnovers and that was disappointing, but overall, we just lost to a better team.

Overall: I was very proud of the way our kids responded in a tough situation. They could've just stopped playing hard or lost their cool and they never did that.

Looking ahead: Pinkston is a game that I expect to win. We match up with them much better than the teams we have played in the last three games. They have talented players and are big on the offensive line. I told our kids after the Kimball game, our season starts against Pinkston. Our goal is to make the playoffs this year. If we can win four of the next five, we can reach our goal.

Bulldogs head coach Brad Peirson reflects on the 62-0 loss to South Oak Cliff.

The Good: The sun came up on Saturday. I really thought our kids played hard until the end of the game. Offensively, we just couldn't get anything going. I thought our defense played pretty well, even though the score indicates otherwise. We just kept giving them the ball too close to their own goal line. We intercepted three passes and even made them punt a couple of times early in the game.

The Bad: Besides the score, our offense was just terrible. We couldn't get anything going. Our special teams were equally bad. The punting game, in particular. Another frustrating aspect was the way our kids handled adversity. We lost our composure in the game. Two of our better players were ejected from the game. I'm not defending them, but South Oak Cliff's lack of class might have played a role in that as well.

Overall: It was an ugly game. It's always tough for us to compete against South Oak Cliff, Carter and Kimball, but we have in the past.



Bulldogs head coach Brad Peirson reflects on the 35-7 loss to Bishop Dunne. "Judging by the game, I think we should do well this season," Peirson said. "Bishop Dunne has a very talented team and we went toe to toe for four quarters!"

The Good: Defensively, we played fantastic for three quarters. We had three stands inside the red zone. I think in the last quarter we really got tired and gave up some points. The defensive line was really good and our linebackers, Bennie Tatum and Lorenzo Bidwell, were awesome. They both played their tails off the entire game. And I think our quarterback, Jason Medellin, is really starting to understand the game. He's playing better every week.

The Bad: Of course, losing the game is never fun. The kids never gave up, but I think we got tired at the end. Our secondary missed a couple of tackles and they had two long touchdowns on those plays. Our penalties were down for the second straight week, but we still had seven, which is too many.

Overall: I think we played our hearts out against Bishop Dunne. I believe Bishop Dunne could get third in our district, so playing them as close as we did is promising. I told our kids after the game that our goal is to end this 60-year playoff drought and that goal hasn't been diminished in any way. Our goal is to make former and future Bulldogs proud of our team and always remember the 2012 North Dallas Bulldog football team!

Bulldogs football coach Brad Peirson reflects on the 58-22 win over Sunset:

The good: Once again, the best part was the fact that we won. You can never underestimate winning a game. Our offense and defense played very well. John Jones had another good game running the football and Jason Medellin had a good game throwing it. Our offensive and defensive lines controlled both sides of the ball. Jones had 190 yards rushing in the game. At the end of the game, we had a 70-yard touchdown pass from freshman quarterback Andre Davis to  freshman receiver Geo Manning.

The bad:  The penalties were once again troublesome. We had 11, which is down from last week but still too many. We also had too many blown assignments and missed blocks offensively. They probably wouldn't have scored on our defense had I left the first team in the entire game, but I wasn't about to. Every kid practices and deserves to play.

Next opponent: Bishop Dunne will be a good test of where we are as a team. They are the most talented team we've played so far. Their offensive line is huge and they have several kids that can run. If we can beat them, it will be a huge momentum boost heading into district.

Peirson reflects on the 31-0 victory over Diamond Hill-Jarvis: 

The good:  The best part of the game was, of course, that we won. We did some very good things offensively, ran the ball well, threw it and caught it. Had a lot of yards. I thought our offensive line was a big reason for that. Our line blocked better than it ever has since I've been at North Dallas. A big reason for that is, I have a very good offensive line coach this year, Brian Barnett. He does a fantastic job as does Coach Donny Grey, the offensive coordinator. Defensively, we had a good game as well. Anytime you can shut someone out, it’s a great defensive effort. We have a new defensive coordinator this year as well, Shaun Ratcliffe, and he is doing very well running the defense. I thought our hustle and enthusiasm was the biggest reason for our success.

The bad:  Of course, the penalties and mistakes. Some of the penalties, we, the coaching staff, are to blame. Some were the kids’ fault. We didn't line up correctly on offense and defense sometimes. Ran the wrong routes, blocked the wrong person, missed some tackles. … nothing that can't be corrected.

Overall: It was a fun game and our kids played their butts off, and never stopped hustling!

Next win: This week, we play the Sunset Bisons. Sunset looks to be improved from the last few seasons. They have a new coach, Mondo Guttierrez, who I coached with at North Dallas. They run a spread offense and a 3-4 defense. I think we play defense better against spread offenses. Should be a fun game. Of course, I think we will come out on top but show me a coach that doesn't and I'll show you a loser!

Athlete of the week: My pick this week would be Jesus Ortiz. He plays center. He graded 92 percent on offense and did a great job of opening holes for our rushing game.

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