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Naas Win First Match of New Season

November 8, 2012
Naas Cobras Volleyball

Naas vs Ballymun, Saturday November 3rd
Naas Premier Volleyball team returned to winning ways this weekend
following a dramatic 3-1 win against Ballymun.
The Cobras have been at the receiving end of some cruel defeats in the
opening matches of the season, losing two of their games by just a
couple of points.
But they returned to form on Saturday with their home match against
the seasoned Ballymun.
Naas get off to a dream start in the first set with everything going
to plan. Good setting by Aoife Carroll and hitting from wing player
Lisa Rohan allowed the home side to get into an early grove.
They took an easy lead 11-5 and kept it for the entire first set which
just lasted 20 minutes. Ballymun simply couldn’t deal with Naas’s
strong attack and the Cobras took the first set easily 25-13.
But things weren’t quite so simple in the second set with Ballymun
fighting back with everything they had.
The Dublin side began defending like demons forcing Naas to think more
tactically. The combination of sister duo Karen and Sarah Benn helped
the Cobras stay in the set with the score reaching 10-10.
The set then continued like this point for point with no side able to
take a clear lead. Middle player Debbie Murray did well in attack to
push the score to 20-18 but Ballymun again came back with everything
they had.
Naas had a chance to take the set at 25-24 but a service error handed
it back to Ballymun who closed at the set 26-24.
Things then looked very shaky for the Cobras in the third set after
they went 4-0 down.
Captain Claire Walsh came on to freshen things up and made a huge
difference. Her solid attack and defence allowed the Cobras take back
the lead 8-4. Kate Ryan, just back from injury, also came on as a
She showed no sign of her six week absence and slotted straight into
the game helping the girls to a 15 – 13 lead. Extremely solid defence
from libero player Emily Ryan kept the girls in the game and they
closed out the third set 25-23.
The end was now in sight for the Cobras with a 2-1 lead. However some
nerves started to show as this is where Naas had lost the game in
their past two matches.
Middle player Claire Treacy came onto the court to provide some new
energy and helped the girls take the early lead 5-3. Ballymun came
back into it though through exceptionally line hitting from their wing
However Naas adjusted and managed to take the lead again 15-13. The
set continued tight enough but the Cobras always had the attacking
The home side wavered slightly as they edge into the home straight but
wing played Lisa Rohan led by example and blasted balls onto the
opposition’s side.
Soon it was game set and match to the Cobras 25-20.
Coach Marie Sheridan said afterwards:  ‘’We never needed to win a
match so badly as we did today. We can now build on this momentum and
take it into our match against UCD next weekend’’.

Naas Cobras: Claire Walsh (c) , Emily Ryan, Kate Ryan, Aoife Carroll,
Lisa Rohan, Debbie Murray, Claire Treacy, Karen Benn, Sarah Benn,
Stephanie Grogan, Orla Lynch , Aisling Clancy

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