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Final Summer Update 7.16.14

July 16, 2014
By Timothy Bowdern of Marquette Mustang Hoops

Hello all,

I just want to thank everyone for participating this summer.  We really enjoyed watching everyone play.  Our goals were to mix player development, in-game development, and athletic training.  For the most part, we were able to mix those together.  I think we will be able to do even better next summer with the skill development, as that time will be built into M-factor since don’t have to go to St. John’s Lutheran anymore.
Here are a few things to look at.  

1. Fall League at Creve Coeur C-4:  I just wanted to throw this out there for 10-12th grade.  It is a varsity league so you can decide if that is an option for your daughter.  The league is on Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoon.  I can get more information if we have enough interest.  This is just a way to get out there a play for fun.  We will need a parent to sit the bench, as MHS coaches cannot coach in the fall, according to state rules. Let me know if you are interested! If we have enough players, I will find a parent who is willing to monitor the games.  Just reply to this email.    

2. M-Factor: We will continue through July 25th. Finish strong and let’s make this transition into the fall sports season.  Everyone should see a difference in their fall sport!   

3. Fall workouts:  For those not playing a fall sport, we will have fall workouts after school on various days.  However, we won’t start until September.  I will get that information out Mid-August.   

4. Open communication: I really appreciate the communication between parents/players and coaches this summer.  There were very few instances where someone didn't let us know in plenty of time that they were going to be absent.  This makes shifting kids and coaching much easier if everyone has advanced notice.  

5. Meetings:  I asked in the beginning of summer if you would like to have a meeting about your daughter and/or the program.  I offer this up again.  Preseason and Postseason are the time to have these meetings.  It is extremely difficult to have open meetings during the season for a variety of reasons.    

6. T-shirts: If you didn't get your shirt, I can get it to you when school starts.  Just stop by room 315. 

7. Website and Twitter:  Remember, all information about the team can be found at www.MarquetteMustangHoops.com  Let me know if you have any questions.  I will be gone for a few weeks and will respond as soon as I get back.  Enjoy the few weeks we still have of summer!  Thanks again!

Timothy Bowdern

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