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New Scorers Tables In Place

December 21, 2012
Bishop Brossart High School

From Dave Schabell

   I am happy to report that our scorers' tables project which began back in mid-October has reached fruition.
   The new tables arrived Wednesday, and the old table has been repositioned up behind the new double-wide tables.  See photo attached.
   We are pleased with the end result.
   Thanks to Darren Hackworth and Rick Schoulthies for volunteering their time and talents Thursday evening to reposition the old table to its new location.  This will allow us to do away with the old folding table arrangement at the end of the old table used for our broadcast station, and provide our statisticians, visiting statisticians, and visiting radio stations a position from which to work.
   The final remaining task, in conjunction with the overall project that needs to be completed, is to build permanent housing for our sound system equipment underneath the first table.  When this is completed we will not have to lug the unit from the coaches office to the gym for each event, and will have it stowed out of sight underneath a new table.
   Thanks to everyone for their help and understanding in making this project a reality. 
   Another Schabellism - "All good things come to he who waits, so long as he who waits, works while he waits."
   Go Mustangs!!!

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