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Athletes For A Better World

February 6, 2014
By Charles Battles of Mt Zion High School

Russell Wilson, Peyton Manning, and the Code



Russell Wilson said his Dad asked him many times growing up, "why not you?" That was the basis for his question and challenge to his teammates at the beginning of the season, "why not us?" Those who did not know Wilson before Sunday had to be pleased to see a second year quarterback talking about "us" and not "me," being appreciative of the his coaches and the fans, everyone except himself. Meanwhile, Peyton Manning was reportedly staying late, signing autographs, bitterly disappointed in the result, but nevertheless thinking of others.  No matter which team you rooted for, we all can agree that both of these men represent the best in sports, and ask ourselves, "how can I be more like them?"


Adopt the Code for your team, school, or league:



The Code for Living

Life Principles Learned Through Sports


Because I am a role model and have the opportunity and responsibility to make a difference in the lives of others, I commit to this Code. I will take responsibility and appropriate actions when I fail to live up to it.


As an individual:

  • I will develop my skills to the best of my ability and give my best effort in practice and competition.
  • I will compete within the spirit and letter of the rules of my sport.
  • I will respect the dignity of every human being, and will not be abusive or dehumanizing of another either as an athlete or as a fan.

As a member of a team:

  • I will place team goals ahead of personal goals.
  • I will be a positive influence on the relationships on the team.
  • I will follow the team rules established by the coach.

As a member of society:

  • I will display caring and honorable behavior off the field and be a positive influence in my community and world.
  • I will give of my time, skills, and money as I am able for the betterment of my community and world.

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