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Scholarship application

March 23, 2012
By Charles Battles of Mt Zion High School


The Atlanta Iowa Club, Inc.  is a small nonprofit organization and was formed in October 2007. It is comprised of 19 members who are either from Iowa or are related to an Iowan.  Our mission is to promote and encourage meaningful participation in social and civic endeavors and to further support, through financial assistance, individuals and organizations in the community deemed deserving.  With ages ranging from 20's to 70's, this chapter is diversified and fun.


Each year the Atlanta Iowa Club, Inc. gives away a $500 scholarship to a college bound student attending a specified local county high school who demonstrates (1) academic success   (2) extracurricular and community involvement and (3) strong written communication skills.   This year we have chosen Mt. Zion High School in the Clayton County school district.


We have three retired school teachers within our organization, two in which were also principals.  These are the individuals who will be proofing the essays, out of 50 applications, and determining which student will receive the scholarship.


I ask that you forward this information on to your counselors so they may choose students they feel are the best choices for this scholarship and have those chosen send us their applications and essays.  I have attached a copy of the application to this email.


Please feel free to contact me or Dayna Morrison with any questions.


Thank you for your time.

Application form can be found on the link below.



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