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The importance of electrolytes

October 23, 2012
By Jamie Robertson of MPACT Sports Performance

Most of us are aware of the on going debate on rather sports drinks are a necessity for rehydration of athletes. Here is some insight that maybe helpful. 

As you sweat, you lose electrolytes like pottassium and sodium. Drinking water alone will not restore them to your body. the most important electrolyte lost in sweat is sodium. Sodium, or salt, helps our bodies act like sponges to better hold fluids. The more hydrated you are, the more you can demand of your muscles in critical game situations. So it's important to hydrate with sports drinks that contain eletrolytes before,during and after intense activity. Sports drinks provide a dual defense against dehydration during tough workouts in the heat. The fuel from carbs gives you additional energy to keep going, and the electrolytes replace lost sodium and help retain fluid. Here is an easy way to know how much fluid you need after games and intense workouts. Weigh yourself before and after activity. Multiply pounds lost by 16. That's a good idea for how many ounces of fluid you need to fully hydrate. 

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