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10 Reasons NOT to attend Morrow

April 22, 2010
By Anthony McKissic Sr. of Morrow High School

With all of the High school recruiting going on. Oh wait they don't do that in high school. So let me rephrase that. With all the non-recruiting going on its good for students to know the top reasons not to attend Morrow High School.

10. You will run in to students like Than Thuy Phan who carries a 4.2 GPA and will be very hard for you to win valedictorian.

9. You might have too much fun over here. I hear that the teachers do a great job of teaching hands on learning.

8. The basketball team isn't good. Yea they beat the #1 Team in the state of Georgia but who else did they beat?

7. The football team is horrible!! Morrow's football team went 0-10 this season. They even signed 16 players to college which was more than all the other Clayton county school combined. So isn't it better to go some where that you can win a bunch of games?

6. The building is OLD and RAGLY. We all know that its not about what you learn, its all about how good you look while you are doing the learning.

5. You can't go to college if you play sports for a  school like Morrow.

4. All your friends are following the crowd so why shouldn't you? Who needs to stand up for what they believe in?

3. I see a police car up there every time I go up there. I think they call it an SRO officer.

2. Morrow has a bad name. I don't know exactly who told me but somebody told me that somebody said that it was bad over there.

1. You will be forced to think outside the box, grow and mature as responsible citizens in the society. You don't want to go there because they might help you become a great person and that would just be all wrong because that's not supposed to happen at MORROW.

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