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2012-13 Spring-Summer Schedule

 2013 Spring-Summer Program Schedule


Plans are underway already for next spring and summer’s program


Early Sign-up Option


Players may “re-up” for the 2013 program between now and Friday, October 5.  Tryouts will be held on these dates:


Saturday, October 6


Saturday, October 13


Saturday, October 20


·        Any current Mavericks player re-committing for the 2013 program will attend any and all tryouts that they wish for $10, the cost of a tryout tee-shirt.


·        We will retain the current uniform for next year so unless you need to replace it for wear or because you have grown out of it, you will not pay the $150 gear cost.  Each player will receive new tee shirts and at least one new item at no extra charge.


·        We will have our shoe deal with Johnny Mac’s going into the fall again, so if you need shoes, I’ll have this in place by August 1.


Planned Schedule


2013 Spring Program


Spring Tryouts

Saturday, March 2

Saturday, March 9

Saturday, March 16

Practice Dates

Saturday, April 6 (Showcase @ Marshall) --- All teams orientation session at 7:30 PM Saturday night at Missouri Valley College --- This weekend is a mandatory attendance event.

Sunday, April 7 ---  All teams practice at Missouri Valley College---Marshall

Saturday, April 13-14 --- Regional practices --- 1 practice PM Saturday, two practices Sunday to accommodate ACT tests.

Important Spring Dates

Saturday, April 13 --- ACT Test

Friday-Saturday, May 3-4 --- District Track

Friday-Saturday, May 10-11---Sectional Track

Friday-Saturday, May 17-18 ---State Track

Event Dates --- Tentatively, we will schedule spring events in Kansas City with the exception of the May 25-26 tournament which would be held in St. Louis.  There is the possibility that we may do an event in Springfield with Hoops Midwest sometime in the spring.

April 20-21

April 27-28

May 4-5***

May 11-12***

May 25-26

·        Note --- part of sign-up this year will include notation of when Proms are, graduations, District, sectional and state track meets etc.  Teams will be constructed based on your schedule in the spring. 



2013 Summer Program


Summer Camp Date --- Included in cost

Thursday-Friday, May 30-31 (Central location to be determined)

Practice Dates

Saturday-Sunday,  June 1-2 (at central location of May 30-31 camp)

Saturday-Sunday, June 8-9 (at regional practice locations) ---  1 practice June 8, 2 practices June 9 to accommodate ACT test

Important Summer Dates

Saturday, June 8 --- ACT Test

Saturday, June 15-Saturday, June 22 --- Boys State at Warrensburg

Event Dates --- We will follow the same approximate schedule next summer as we did this summer.  We will plan on these dates but have to wait for Mid-February to nail down exact schedules.

Saturday-Sunday, June 15-16 --- Kansas City

Saturday-Sunday, June 22-23 --- Kansas City

Saturday-Sunday, June 29-30 --- Elite teams to Omaha and  all others to St. Louis

Saturday-Sunday, July 6-7 --- Lawrence

Thursday-Sunday, July 10-14 --- Ozark Mountain Meltdown, Branson --- This is a separate event by invitation only with an extra charge

Saturday-Sunday, July 20-21---St. Louis




Spring only session:  $590


Summer only session:  $755


Select Both sessions:  $975 --- A lot of our players did both sessions this year and in determining costs, I want to reward people who have shown us real loyalty and cut that cost to them…  This represents a $370 savings over ala carte cost.




Spring --- Showcase, 4-tournament events, 2-practice weekends, coaches cost, coaches hotels, and administration.  Extra gear for returners, no extra charge.  $150 one-time for gear set for first time players.


Summer---Camp, 5-tournament events, 2-practice weekends, coaches cost, coaches hotels, and administration. 




Early Single Pay Discount:  Take off 10% if paying in full on any of these options by October 5.


Deposit and Installments:  If you can’t do single pay, here are the installment terms:


·        $350 non-refundable deposit --- holds your spot and is applied to either spring-only, summer-only or both.  Must be received by October 15.


·        Spring Only:  Remaining balance due by January 15($240)


·        Summer Only:  Installment #1 of $200 is due January 15, final installment  of $200 by March 15


·        Both sessions:  Installment #1 of $250 is due January 15, #2 of $250 due February 15, #3  of $125 is due March 15