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 Dear Mark,

I have to say that as far as we are concerned everything is spot on as to what we expected. I think the program is very well ran, very organized, especially when you consider 70 kids and twice as many parents. I think the kids as a whole compete, show good sportsmanship, and though we get beat from time to time never get "out classed". I was told coming in to this that you would teach Logan how to win, that was big for me, and you have. He has gotten to a point of getting upset when they lose as opposed to expecting it, like we do here. You also told me he would become a better player, and I believe he has. It is one thing for him to be the best player in this school, but to know he can play along side some of the best in the state has done a lot for his confidence. His high school coach caught me the other day and told me he is near unguardable in practice and is basically just clowning guys when he is on defense. I can't tell you the number of parents that have told me that he is a different player. In the ES Tri-Lakes shoot out we went 7-1, Logan scored 45% of our team points. That is actually way above and beyond our expectations. I have also begin to see him open up to his team. That is hard for him. He has good people around him, he thinks a lot of those kids. You have put him in a place where he can be successful, both on and off the court. Now, if I can find him a college this weekend I would consider this the greatest investment ever.:)

Thanks for everything,

Chris  Schreier

Excelsior Springs

Coach Mark,
Just wanted to take a moment to say a few things to you. First off, no one has a clue to the degree you go to to make this program successful. We sincerely want to thank you and your coaches for all the hard seen and unseen work you do. I know it's a lot more than what meets eye.
This weekend I had the pleasure of getting to meet one of your future high school ball players moms. She said she couldn't believe all that you do in this program and not have a kid playing. After getting to hear some of your talks to the Maverick's this weekend I realized she was wrong. These are very much your kids, and as a good parent would do, pass on wisdom, knowledge and a love for each other and the game. I watched and saw these young men embrace each other as brothers and best friends would, much of whom have never seen each other before this program. That is something you and your staff play a big part in! Although our son didn't play as well as he would have liked to this weekend, I know that him being in this program was a good choice and has helped him in a great many ways and for that we are thankful. We are looking forward to seeing him put into use what he has learned through this program. We also wanted to thank you for putting together breakfast and golf....good times!!

The Gargacs

Naylor, MO

I wanted to take this oppurtunity on behalf of Garrett and my wife Onja to thank you and the entire Missouri Mavericks organization for the complete professionalism showed to us during the 2012 summer league. I know for a fact that the experience and training that Garrett received this summer through practices, tournaments and showcases will allow him to exceed his own expectations this winter. Not only in the "on the court" times but also the sideline chats and discussions and the inspirational e-mails you send should give any young man motivation to exceed ON, but more importantly OFF the court. Character is something alot of kids were lacking from other teams in the tournaments but Missouri Mavericks were ALWAYS professional young men, and that is what makes your Teams so special. As a Father to a maverick player I am proud to see my son wear the BLACK and GOLD. Once again thank you for all you have done and good luck with all ahead of you.
Richard Goetze, Stover


Wow, it’s been a great season of basketball for Braden. I think Braden learned a lot about himself. He improved his game and also his confidence. It’s not that he lacked confidence but now he knows he can compete and be effective against some pretty good ball players (older ones at that). He enjoyed every tournament, every game, every minute of tournament weekends. One would get over and he couldn’t wait until the next. He loves to work hard and compete.

 I must say job well done/kudos to Coach Brumley. I thought he did an excellent job coaching the team. Braden really enjoyed playing for him. Coach Brumley made good in game adjustments and he wasn’t afraid to try new things. Braden really liked the feedback he would give him in games…good or bad. Braden’s the type of player that will take it and make himself better.

 In conclusion I want to thank you for all the work you did to make this season possible.I’m sure you had your share of headaches/stress but the time and effort (you and your coach’s) put in will leave a lasting impact.For Braden it’s high level coaching and the opportunity to play on this stage.I remember you (at the tryouts) referring to the money we parents pay as an ‘investment’; an investment in our kids.I’ve never forgotten that as I agree with you.It is most definitely an investment.A good investment will yield a solid, sustainable return.When I think of Braden’s Maverick experience in that perspective I am very pleased with the result (return).

Thanks again,  Keniston Peck, Joplin

Mark & Harrison -

In light of Mark inviting us to comment on our experience with Mavericks, our family would like to offer the following insights concerning our spring & summer sessions.

We don't come at anything I can think of in life expecting perfection. What we desired for Jacob in playing basketball with Mavericks is that he would grow as a player. Our hope was that he would get enough court experience to help him be more confident in any situation he faced on the court. We also hoped his basketball IQ would go up (game smarts) as well as his basic, fundamental skills increase. We also hoped that the relationships on his team would be good so he can build into people's lives.

We are certain we got what we hoped would happen....although Harrison is a better judge of Jacob's progress in his sport than his father or I would be. are the things we got that are way beyond what we hoped:

Harrison - as the boys made such progress during season, we think you did too! You settled into truly teaching and encouraging these boys and moving beyond your crazy desire to compete (which we completely understand!) :) and channelled that into leading these boys up that mountain of expecting more of themselves and believing they could do it! These boys played as a team and learned to believe in their team. We are completely impressed with your teachable spirit as you coached! That's all I ever hope of anyone is that they learn! Thank you so much for your heart during these last several months!

The other thing we are completely impressed with is the boys themselves! Such a great group of kids! No rotten attitudes....just good work ethics! So proud of them!


Yesterday, before (another player, name withheld) mom left, she came up to me and said (with tears in her eyes) "I just want to thank you for Jacob. He is such an encourager and so kind. He helps the entire team be better because he treats everyone so well. I saw it in the spring and all summer too. He is the real deal and (the player, name withheld) really needs that right now. Thank you." Honestly, I don't know what to say to that. Jacob intentionally seeks to be a leader that God desires him to be.

That comment from (the player's) mother meant more to me than you could know and it made every moment with Mavericks worth it. There is nothing we have done as parents to build that into Jacob other than tell him about Jesus who does build that into hearts that are willing. That tells us that Jacob wants the Lord to make him into a man that God desires him to be and that Jacob is learning.

The other bonus, which is much less significant, was during a summer tournament with our regular season team. Jacob's regular season team played in a team camp for 3 days (8 games) in June. He is the youngest on the high school team so no one likes it too much when he gets court time and they are 'older'. At this tournament that seemed to go away as several of the boys commented on how really good Jacob is as a player....and even those who like to call him a 'butt kiss' had to agree that he has gotten even better. :)


We hope that next year Harrison might be able to coach a 9th/10th grade team so that many of these young men he has built into and has relationships with will continue. We certainly plan to continue to be a part of Mavericks as the Lord wills. We certainly pray the relationships that have made this such a great experience will continue. We cannot imagine how challenging it must be to carry a vision for Mavericks but we do always hope to be a positive part of the process.

OH - and thank you sooooo much for letting Rory be assistant coach for summer! He learned a lot and is so impressed with you Harrison. He truly enjoyed the opportunity & certainly thinks a lot of these young men! We appreciate the chance to help in that way!

Mark - you are crazy! Thanks for being so!  I don't know if that helps you or not....but there is our input!

Molly Tracy :), Hannibal, MO


Dear Mark,

I loved this experience for our kids.  They were such a humble, kind bunch of young men who were so much fun to watch and had so much fun together.  Thanks so much for all you did to bring us together.  You will never know how much it has meant to us! Success is measured in many ways and we are truly blessed and thankful for all of your help!  See you this fall.

Kim Utt, Braymer

"I had the best teammates and coach that anyone could ever ask for.  I love you guys and loved playing with you."

Eric Bowman, Spokane

"Well, i didnt cry!! Idk how i didnt.. but im gonna miss my mavericks team!! You are some of the best friends i will ever have.. and the best teammates too! im gonna miss it! good luck during your seasons.. ill miss ya! "

Kody Ettinger, Cuba