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College Prospects of America Service

College Prospects  of America Service

The Missouri Mavericks are Missouri area representatives for College Prospects of America.  We provide a "Level Three" player marketing service that:

  • Provides players the opportunity to reach out to college coaches with their photo, information, comments by coaches and evaluators.
  • Hard-copy mails profile to all coaches at the player's "evaluated level of potential play" at the next Level (NCAA Division I, II, III, NAIA I and II, NJCAA I and II) and to all coaches below that level.
  • Posts profiles to the CPOA web page at under "Athlete's Zone" pages
  • Provides online video service housing approximately 10-minutes of videotape that coaches can view on demand.

How it works:

1)  Contact Mark McLaughlin at (417) 273-2118 or email .  He or another designated Mavericks coach/evaluator will make contact with you to make an appointment.

2)  Appointments take about 70-minutes over the phone and about 90-minutes if we come to you.  An over-the-phone presentation makes it possible for you to get all the info you need, and make a wise decision within the comfort of your home if you wish.

3)  Profiles are expensive, but they represent the "industry standard" in both quality, and as guaged by results of players signed up.  If you can play, you will get interest generated from this service, and afford you college choices and options you did not have before. 


1)  Premium Plan ---  $995  --- Includes hard-copy mailing of completed profile to all coaches at colleges at your level and below, one annual update of information, and posting of complete color profile on the CPOA web page, accessible to college coaches until you are signed by a school.  You also have me, or your rep as your "personal recruiting counselor" for the duration of your college search.

2)  Premium Plus Plan --- $1395 --- All of the above, plus specially edited and professionally produced video accessible to you (5-hard copies---that you can send out, or burn additional copies and send on your own), plus online access to your full player video.


Call today if you are interested in checking into this service.