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Core Principles of Mavericks Basketball

The Missouri Mavericks believe:

  • There is a place for every player...
  • Different goals can coalesce around a singular vision...
  • The player, as a person, comes first...
  • Coaches build relationships with us, not just resumes..

We will:

  • Improve every day of practice, every game of every weekend tournament.
  • Play to win every event, but learn from every loss or setback.
  • Make other teams "quit" with our intensity, even if they're better athletically.
  • Be very close as a group...Family in atmosphere, brothers/sisters in player to player relationships.
  • Leave egos at the door ...  Sacrifice and leadership are two sides of the same coin.
  • Help players find college opportunities if they are good enough to play ...
  • Play with honor, win or lose ... We will never walk off the court ashamed of our actions, and will never tolerate a loss of composure or class.

We will not:

  • Sacrifice a teammate ... We never leave a man behind.


Over-riding Themes of the Mavericks Program:

1)  If you are with us, it is for a reason --- We believe that each of you as been born at this time for a reason.  Through basketball, we'll hope open your eyes to what it is you want to do and who it is you want to be.

2)  We will never, ever, let you "steal from yourself" --- We insist that you become the person that you were born to be.

3)  Success is never final and Failure is never fatal --- Courage, honor and character are vital.