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The Youth Striving to Achieve Change “YSTAC” school based program says “Team up to Dream up!. The goal of the Y.I.AM Project’s school based Youth Striving to Achieve Change “YSTAC” program is to produce four year honor roll students while teaching students the importance of giving back to improve the environment. This approach will also allow students to learn valuable skills that will help them succeed in life regardless of the route they choose to pursue following high school; whether they choose to attend college, find a skill or trade, or become an entrepreneur. Characteristics/skills such as good work ethic, accountability, good character, effective time management, and integrity just to name a few, will allow youth to prosper in anything they do. The Y.I.AM Project uses an innovative and competitive team based approach to learning using T.E.A.M principals, which are Teamwork, Encouragement, Accountability, and Motivation, in our national school transformation model “Academic Athletics”. The mission is to help students reveal their inner genius. This is done through teamwork which causes students to hold each other accountable, this causes youth to become self motivated, while receiving encouragement from peers and trained youth staff members that truly care. The purpose is to ensure youth DO NOT continue to fall through the cracks. The program operates Mondays and Wednesdays afterschool with a cap of 100 students. Although the programming days are Mondays and Wednesdays, this model causes youth to all strive towards a common goal everyday which is to become honor roll students while winning the championship and to have the opportunity to go pro in life putting them in a position to give back to improve the environment. The students that participate in the YSTAC program will learn the importance of teamwork, work ethic, accountability, integrity, honesty, and character. This approach provides a modern, creative and healthy environment not only where students learn a great deal about academics but even more about careers and life. This model stimulates and intrigues young intellectual active minds causing students to show more accountability for their educational and social development. The YSTAC program will build human capacity while encouraging, motivating, and guiding students down the road to success. This model will mold students into productive citizens and expose them to the world while improving academics. A major significance in priority was .The Y.I.AM Project’s Youth Striving to Achieve Change “YSTAC” Program Strategic Business Plan 5 placed in establishing an effective program that would reach youth and address the education epidemic while encouraging youth to change the world for the better. Students will also be exposed to several different career and education paths through career fairs, college fairs, school and community and school service projects, real talk groups, mentors, and tutors. This will give students an opportunity to gain knowledge through exposure. The YSTAC program’s motto is “Exercising the minds of youth to go pro in life”. The YSTAC program believes in order to address this major need it requires teamwork from within the epidemic zone. This approach will teach students necessary skills required to prosper in society while turning their dreams into reality.


“Exercising the minds of youth to go pro in life”


Founding Executive Director


Elston Forte