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Mills Media TV broadcasting has evolved over the decades. It is considered the "go-to" source for students, faculty, and the community. Classes are typically hands-on, providing students the opportunity to work together to create TV broadcasts, weather they are interested in being behind the camera or in front of it. New technologies,such as a digital media, are continually being implemented in our training programs found throughout our media department. Wheather students are interested in announcing, directing, producing, writing or post production, many oppurtunities provide various levels of instruction.


List of TV Broadcasting Courses

Introduction of Broadcasting, this introductory course provides an overview of the history of broadcasting from the first network shows through the cable TV and current technologies, including the internet,HiDef and VOD. Coursework also covers the legal and ethical aspects and changes that have risen in the broadcasting world, such as ratings, FCC rules, cost and pay television.


TV Announcing course covers the basic of radio and television announcing and TV anchoring. Fundamentals of speech and diction are taught, as well as microphone and interviewing techniques, reading for the camera and using a teleprompter. Students practice reading news, weather and sports copy. They may also write and announce their own stories with the opportunity for actually going live on the air.


TV Production TV producers work behind the camera, putting together different elements of the broadcast and makng sure that everything works together smoothly. This course covers the essential components of TV broadcast production, including the use of microphones, cameras, video recorders-editors, switchers and lighting equipment.The basic of editing and chroma key (blue screen) techniques are also introduced. Students gain practical experience producing their own video projects in the studio.


TV Script Writing Students in this course learn how to gather information and write news stories for television and the internet. News stories on TV are analyzed for their content and style. The curriculum covers the basic principles of news writing, including researching, interviewing and their own video projects in the studio.


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