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Vikings Blow Away the Whirlwinds

September 4, 2014
Cass Midway High School

Vikings Blow Away the Whirlwinds

By Jackson Eberle, Conor Hayes, Alex Harrison


The Midway Vikings won 52-0 over the Archie Whirlwinds on Friday, August 29. In the first quarter the Vikings’ offense pushed cleanly down the field and scored in each of the first two possessions. The Whirlwinds were forced to punt from behind the thirty yardline in each of their first two possessions. During the Whirlwinds’ third possession senior Jake Lambertz caused a fumble on the Whirlwinds’ five yardline, which senior Clay Dahman picked up and ran in for his third touchdown in the first quarter. Dahman scored 4 touchdowns in the first quarter, and the Vikings ended the first quarter with 32 points. In the second quarter Midway scored 13 points. Going into the second half the Vikings led 45-0. In the third quarter Midway scored 7 more points, but did not score again for the rest of the game.

Midway had 6 first downs and gained a total of 276 yards in 29 rushing attempts. In the second half of the game Blake Mincks completed 3 of 6 passes for a total of 33 passing yards. Midway punted 3 times for a total of 90 yards. The 7 kickoffs totaled 358 yards.

Clay Dahman scored 5 touchdowns; Mincks and Peyton Richardson ran for 1 touchdown apiece. Junior Maverick Greer’s 85-yard interception touchdown broke the existing Viking record for longest interception touchdown set by current Midway coach Chad Dean in 1991.

Senior Clay Dahman had 3 unassisted tackles and 5 assisted, followed by Blaine Hanson with 2 unassisted and 3 assisted, Wyatt Mabary with 2 unassisted and 2 assisted, and Tanner Yahnig with 2 unassisted and 10 assisted. Luke Boyer had 1 unassisted and 3 assisted, Shayne Brooke had 1 unassisted. Chris Chandler had 1 unassisted and 3 assisted. Tristan Driggs had 1 unassisted and 5 assisted. Maverick Greer had 1 unassisted and 3 assisted. Jake Lambertz had 1 unassisted and 3 assisted. Blake Mincks had 1 unassisted and 2 assisted. Kale Williams had 1 unassisted and 1 assisted. Kessler Woods had 1 unassisted and 2 assisted. Kobe Burchett had 2 assisted. Jordon Dowell had 2 assisted. Jesse Kelly had 1 assisted. Michael O’Brien had 2 assisted. Dalton Phillips had 2 assisted. Bobby Potts had 1 assisted. Richard White had 1 assisted. Tyler Wright had 2 assisted.

Dahman led in rushing yards with 103, followed by Luke Boyer with 70, Mincks with 28, Hayes with 27, Driggs with 15, Hanson with 13, Yahnig with 9, Philips with 8. Justin Hineman, Richardson, and Joe Zielenski each had 1.

Head Coach Larry Burchett said, “It was a good game to get some experience for the younger guys, but we’ve got a much tougher game this week at Adrian we’ve got to get prepared for.”

“It was an exciting play. It feels pretty good to be the one to beat Coach Dean’s record. I wonder how long it’ll hold up,” added new interception touchdown return holder Maverick Greer.

The Vikings are on the road Sept. 5 against the Adrian Blackhawks.  Kickoff time is 7:00 p.m.

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