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The Vikings Break the Mustangs

January 27, 2014
Cass Midway High School

TBy Skylar French

The Lady Vikings beat the Heartland Lady Mustangs 56-19 on Tuesday, January 21 at Midway.

The leading scorers for the Vikings were Emily Aksamit with 18 points, Mariah Keeney with 9 points, Laine Mills and Adia Eberle with 8 points each, Ashlee Box with 6 points, Maddie Anderson with 4 points, Jodi Rhodes with 2 points, and Dee Stark with 1 point.

The leading rebounders for the Lady Vikings were Jodi Rhodes with 8 rebounds, Emily Aksamit with 7 rebounds, Mariah Keeney with 5 rebounds, Cassidy Myers, Laine Mills, and Adia Eberle each with 4 rebounds, Ashlee Box with 3 rebounds, and Maddie Anderson and Dee Stark each with 2 rebounds.

Emily Aksamit, Maddie Anderson, Dee Stark, and Adia Eberle each had 2 assists and Cassidy Myers had 1 assist.

The Vikings defeated the Mustangs 63 to 34.

The leading scorers were Tyler Wright with 22 points, Clay Dahman with 13 points, Tanner Yahnig with 10 points, Bobby Zielinski with 8 points, Mason Irvin with 6 points, and Jackson Eberle and Peyton Richardson each with 2 points.

The leading rebounders for the Vikings are Tyler Wright with 10 rebounds, Clay Dahman with 9 rebounds, Mason Irvin and Tanner Yahnig with 5 rebounds, Bobby Zielinski with 4 rebounds, Chris Chandler and Jackson Eberle with 2 rebounds, and Michael O’Brien and Peyton Richardson with 1 rebound.

Tyler Wright had 7 assists, Tanner Yahnig had 5 assists, Chris Chandler had 2 assists, and Michael O’Brien, Jackson Eberle and Bobby Zielinski all had 1 assist.

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