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JH Viking Football Blows Past the Archie Whirlwinds

September 20, 2012
Cass Midway High School


By Mass Communications Reporter Kasey Roberson

The Cass Midway Junior High football Vikings rolled over the Archie Junior High football Whirlwinds 20 to 0 on Sept. 4, 2012, at the Archie Stadium.

Midway’s Joseph Zielinski scored the first touchdown of the evening, and Blake Mincks ran in the two-point conversion.  Peyton Richardson scored 2 touchdowns.

The JH Viking Football team this year is coached by Brian Stahl and Chad Dean.

The 2012 roster includes the following players:

5              Joe Zielinski, RB ,DB, 8th

10            Braydon Anderson, QB, DB, 7th

16            Justin Hineman, RB, LB, 7th

18            Blake Mincks, RB, LB, 8th

22            Peyton Richardson, RB, LB, 8th

24            Derek Jayson, RB, LB, 7th

30            Blake Scholl, RB, DB, 7th

34            Tristan Driggs, RB, LB, 8th

40            Cole Nelson, RB, DB, 8th

42            Kaylob Adams, RB, DL, 7th

51            Cody Meyers, OL, DL, 7th

52            Austin Evins, OL, DL, 7th

53            Spencer Smith, OL, DL, 7th

54            Keith Salisbury, OL, LB, 8th

55            Alex Harrison, WR, LB, 8th

57            Branden Chandler, OL, LB, 7th

61            Jesse Kelley, OL, DL, 8th           

62            Elliot Madison, OL, DL, 8th

63            Paddy Flanagan, OL, DL, 8th

64            Dalton Philips, OL, DL, 7th

72            Justin Daughetry, OL, DL, 8th           

73            Nick Harper, OL, DL, 8th           

74            Brandon Keesler, OL, DL, 8th

78            Zach Schofield, OL, DL, 8th

80            Cameron Stricker, WR, DB, 7th

84            Kale Williams, WR, DB, 8th

87            Chandler Stephens, WR, DB, 7th

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