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Travel the back roads of Michigan with hosts Dell Vaughan and Barry Stutesman. Each week you'll experience the Great Lake state "off the beaten path." Follow Dell and Barry as they discover interesting people, places and events that exemplify the rural Michigan spirit. From artists, craftsman, home businesses, farmers, ranchers, county fair to home town hero's everything Michigan is fair game for these two native Michiganders.

Dell and Barry travel into the communities and homes of everyday people that are making a difference in the lives of those around them or are preserving a tradition for future generations.

Michigan Magazine is dedicated to finding the "real" Michigan that one will see down the side roads of the state and placing it in the "spotlight." Dell and Berry have been traveling Michigan's highways and bi-ways together on Michigan Magazine over a decade and have garnered a loyal legion of viewers who, through the program, are themselves discovering adventures in their own backyard.

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