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We Are Menifee Soccer By: Haley Lane

November 17, 2009
Menifee County High School


   The Menifee County boy's soccer teams have won 7 out of 13 games so far this season.  The boy's soccer team has won against Fleming County, Rose Hill Christian, Perry County Central, Bath County, Jackson City, and Garrard County 

   The MCHS soccer team traveled to Garrard County to play in the Georgetown Cardinal Cup on Saturday, September 12 placing 3rd in the tournament.  Zach Stull and Austin Grigsby each scored two goals, which resulted in a 4-1 victory.

   After the game, at each tournament, the sponsors of the Cardinal Cup Tournament picked the player that they thought played their hardest and helped their team the best.  If the team came in first place the sponsors picked four players from their team. If the team came in second place they picked three players.   If the team came in third place they picked two players, and if the team came in fourth place they picked one player from the team. 

    Austin Grigsby and Michael Cox were chosen as the All Tournament Team from MCHS. Austin Grigsby said, "I was so happy to be one of the few to be on the All Tournament team. I have never been happier."

    Everyone clapped as the players stepped forward so everyone could see them.  The Menifee County fans made the boy's soccer team a tunnel for them to run through.  It's a big honor to be on the all tournament team, the sponsors of the tournament even put it on your résumé to help the players receive good scholarships. 

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