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South Callaway Tourney Boys Recap

January 20, 2014
Montgomery County High School




In the most exciting regular-season game that the Montgomery County R-2 Basketball Wildcats have played in for many years, the Wildcats came back from an 11-point deficit late in the first half to then tie the game in the third quarter, and then pull away to a 101-87 win over state-ranked Harrisburg (#8 in Class 2A) in the South Callaway Tournament Championship game last Saturday, January 18.  This is the Wildcats second tournament championship (they won the Montgomery County R-2 Tournament in December), who are also state-ranked (#5 in Class 3A), and improved the Wildcats’ record to a perfect 12 wins and 0 losses.


Earlier in the week the Wildcats defeated Russellville 93-39, in the First Round game on Monday, January 13.  Then on Wednesday, January 15, they defeated North Callaway 83-68 in the Semifinal game.




As was mentioned in the first paragraph, this was a very, very exciting game, which was enjoyed by all of the Wildcat fans who were able to attend the game.  Under the leadership of the new Wildcat Head Coach Ron Lebel, the Wildcats always play a pressure defense (using different types of defenses) and are always in an “up tempo/fast break” pressure offense, which is always looking to score as quickly as possible. 


In a sense the Wildcats dare their opponents to keep playing well against this pressure for the whole game.  Harrisburg tried and was successful in the first half, but the Bulldogs could not stay with the Wildcats in the second half, got rattled offensively, and became the latest team to succumb to the Wildcats constant pressure.


Harrisburg started the game with a 3-point basket in the first 10 seconds of the game, but the Wildcats scored the next 4 points over the next minute to take a 4-3 lead.  The game was then tied at 9-9 with 4:55 left in the quarter, before Harrisburg put together a 9-4 scoring run and then an 11-7 scoring run to lead 29-20 at the end of the quarter.


The Wildcats outscored Harrisburg 10-5 in the first 2 minutes of the second quarter to make the score 34-30.  The teams exchanged points (4-4) over the next 2 minutes to give Harrisburg a 38-34 lead midway through the second quarter.  Then Harrisburg outscored the Wildcats 7-2 over the next 2½ minutest to lead 47-36 with 1:30 left in the half.  However, the Wildcats didn’t get rattled, and outscored Harrisburg 7-2 during the rest of the quarter to cut Harrisburg’s lead to 49-43 at halftime.


Halftime has a tendency to stymie or even completely halt any momentum that a team had at the end of the first half.  Such was not the case for the Wildcats, as they just picked up from where they left off.


Once again, Harrisburg made the first basket of the half to take a 51-43 lead, but the Wildcats then outscored 16-8 over the next 4 minutes to tie the game at 59-59 with 4:01 left in the quarter.  Harrisburg made another basket 15 seconds later to lead 61-59, but it would be the last time Harrisburg would have the lead.  


The Wildcats immediately got the ball down the floor and Cameron Parrish was fouled while shooting.  Just a split-second later, a Harrisburg player that was away from the play said something he shouldn’t have to one of the other referees and received a technical foul.  Cameron then shot and made 4 free throws (2 for the shooting foul and 2 for the technical foul) to give the Wildcats a 63-61 lead.  The Wildcats were also given possession of the ball and they made another basket to take a 65-61 lead with 3:24 left in the quarter.  The Wildcats went on to outscore Harrisburg 12-7 the rest of the quarter to lead 77-68 at the end of the quarter.


The Wildcats scored the first basket of the fourth quarter to take a 79-68 lead.  About 1 minute later Harrisburg’s best player broke for an easy slam dunk to make the score 79-70, but the Wildcats came right back down the floor and in 9 seconds had made a lay-up and got fouled.  The Wildcats made the free throw to lead 82-70, and Harrisburg never recovered. 


Over the next 2:15 the Wildcats outscored Harrisburg 8-1 to take a 90-71 lead with 4:31 left in the game.  Harrisburg did score the next 4 points to cut the Wildcats’ lead to 90-75, but the Wildcats then went into a delay game and forced Harrisburg to either steal the ball or foul.  Harrisburg did a little of both, but the Wildcats made 12 of 15 free throws and held on to win the game 101-87 (they hit the 100-101 mark with 28 seconds left in the game), and also winning their second tournament championship of the season.


The Wildcats had 5 players score in “double figures” in each of the 3 games of the tournament.  Justin Hall led the Wildcats in scoring in this game with 26 points (10 field goals/FGs and 6 of 7 free throws/FTs).  He was followed in the scoring by Cameron Parrish with 25 points (8 FGs/1 3-pointer/6 of 6 FTs); Jerad Jordan with 19 points (3 FGs/3 3-pointers/4 of 8 FTs); Chase Parrish with 13 points (2 FGs/1 3-pointer/6 of 6 FTs); Jacob Davis with 10 points (4 FGs/2 of 2 FTs); and Chase Worsham and Kyle Kroll with 4 points each (Worsham 2 FGs, and Kroll 4 of 4 FTs).  Jackson Bishop and Brian Davis also played in the game, but did not score.




In addition to the team winning the tournament, 3 Wildcat players received special recognition for their individual play during the week.  Jordan earned the Tournament Most Valuable Player (MVP) award.  Also, Kroll and Chase Parrish earned 2nd Team All-Tournament Team awards.




In the First Round game on Monday, the Wildcats gained control of the game early against Russellville (seeded #8) and never looked back.  The score was only 3-2 after the first couple minutes of play, but the Wildcats then went on to score 30 points in the next 5-6 minutes to lead Russellville 32-11 at the end of the first quarter.  The second quarter was just as lopsided, as the Wildcats outscored Russellville 26-12 to lead 58-23 at halftime.


The Wildcats did not let down any after halftime, as the third quarter was pretty much the same as the first two quarters.  The Wildcats outscored Russellville 27-13 in this quarter to lead 85-36.  Due to the “30-point lead Mercy Rule” the game clock ran continuously in the fourth quarter, so there wasn’t as much scoring by either team.  The Wildcats outscored Russellville 10-3 to win the game 93-39.


In this game Jordan led the Wildcats in scoring with 26 points (5 FGs/2 3-pointers/10 of 10 FTs).  He was followed in the scoring by Chase Parrish with 18 points each (4 FGs/2 3-pointers/4 of 4 FTs); Kroll with 13 points (5 FGs/3 of 4 FTs); Cameron Parrish with 11 points (4 FGs/1 3-pointer); Hall with 10 points (4 FGs/2 of 2 FTs); Worsham with 5 points (2 FGs/1 of 2 FTs); B. Davis and J. Davis with 4 points each (2 FGs each); and Bishop and Travis Oden with 2 points each (Bishop 1 FG, and Oden 2 of 2 FTs).  Nick Galarza also played in the game, but did not score.




In facing North Callaway, the Wildcats were facing a team that they have struggled to play well against in past seasons.  This game NC was able to stay with the Wildcats for a while, but the Wildcats’ “fast-paced, hurried up” defense and offense enabled the Wildcats to eventually pull away and win the game.


There was a lot of offense in the first quarter, as both teams got up and down the floor.  When it was all said and done, 6 Wildcats and 5 NC players had scored at least 1 point and the game was tied at 20-20.  Things didn’t slow down any in the second quarter, but this time the Wildcats gained the upper hand by outscoring NC 26-19 to lead 46-39 at halftime.


The third quarter seemed to be the deciding factor in the game, as Montgomery County’s defense limited NC to 12 points that also led to 22 points on offense by the Wildcats.  As a result, the Wildcats led by 17 points (68-51) at the end of the quarter.


North Callaway did outscore the Wildcats17-15 in the fourth quarter.  The Wildcats were still able to hold on to the lead due to their making 9 of 13 free throws in the quarter (compared to NC’s 2 of 6 FTs), and they won the game 83-68.


Once again Jordan led the Wildcats in scoring with 20 points (4 FGs/1 3-pointer/9 of 9 FTs).  He was followed in the scoring by Kroll with 16 points (4 FGs/1 3-pointer/5 of 7 FTs); Chase Parrish with 15 points each (2 FGs/3 3-pointers/2 of 3 FTs); Cameron Parrish with 12 points (1 FG/3 3-pointers/1 of 3 FTs); Hall with 10 points (4 FGs/6 of 2 FTs); J. Davis and Worsham with 4 points each (Davis 4 of 8 FTs, and Worsham 2 FGs); and B. Davis with 2 points (1 FG).  Bishop also played in the game, but did not score.


This week the Wildcats play 3 non-conference games.  On Tuesday, January 21, they will host Warrenton.  On Thursday, January 23, they will play a make up game at New Haven (originally scheduled for Dec. 13).  Then on Friday, January 24, they will host Owensville.  On all 3 nights the Jr. Varsity game will be played first, starting at 6:00 p.m.  The Varsity game will start around 7:30.


Next week the Wildcats play in the Hermann Tournament.  They have received the #1 seed for that tournament also, and will play Chamois in the First Round game on Tuesday, January 29, at 6:00 p.m. at the Hermann High School Gym.  A brief report concerning the complete Hermann Tournament schedule should be in another report in this issue of the Standard.


Congratulations to the Wildcats for winning the South Callaway Tournament!  “Best Wishes” to you as you continue on with the games this week and the Hermann Tournament next week!


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