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2012 Football Season Review BY ALAN BRAKE

November 10, 2012
Montgomery County High School



The Montgomery County R-2 Wildcats football team saw definite improvement in the 2012 season, the third year under the leadership of Head Coach John Klekamp.  The Wildcats put together two 3-game winning streaks on their way to their first winning season since 2008. 


The Wildcats finished with an overall record of 7 wins and 4 losses.  These 7 wins equaled the total number of wins of the past two seasons (3 in 2010 and 4 in 2011) with Coach Klekamp and his staff. 


Their East Missouri Conference record of 4-1 earned them second place in the conference standings (6 teams).  Also, under the new state playoff system the Wildcats advanced to the District 6 semifinals, which gave them 11 games for the season for the first time since 2005.


The Wildcats earned their 7 wins over the following teams:  Hermann (56-21), Clopton/Elsberry (42-12), Wright City (43-9), Van-Far (42-14), Bowling Green (62-21), Cuba (59-28), and Hallsville (46-0).  There losses were as follows:  Orchard Farm (0-36), North Callaway (7-27), South Callaway (20-34) and Blair Oaks (14-62).


The team’s offensive season stats were as follows:  466 plays for 3,861 total yards of offense (2,745 yards rushing and 1,116 yards passing) for an average of 351.0 yards gained per game; 55 touchdowns/TDs (35 running, 15 passing, 5 defense and special teams); and 391 points scored for an average of 35.5 points per game.


The team’s defensive season stats were not available for this report.


Coach Klekamp made the following comment about the 2012 season and the future of the football program:  “The success of the 2012 season will be used as a foundation for building a successful football program at Montgomery County.  A BIG “Thanks” goes out to all of our supporters, to the school district employees, the school administration, the media that covers our team, and most importantly to the parents.  Without our parents trusting us with their sons, we cannot experience the type of success that we enjoyed this season.  The 2012 season is in the books and now we turn our focus to 2013 and where the winning starts – the WEIGHT ROOM.”


Congratulations to the Wildcats and Coach Klekamp and his staff on a very successful season.  Best wishes to the 6 Seniors – Dustin Dyer, Colt Ellis, Evan Forrest, Austin Killian, Sam Kroll and Nick Martin – as you graduate and move on in life.  Also, best wishes to the players who will return in 2013, as you work hard to make next season even better than this one.










Rushing Stats – Nick Martin 118 carries/1,078 yards; Evan Milner 113 carries/581 yards; Dylan Skeens 43 carries/381 yards; Jerad Jordan 56 carries/270 yards; Colt Ellis 16 carries/257 yards; Luke Longstreet 10 carries/54 yards; Kyle Kroll 17 carries/46 yards; Justin Hall 1 carry/24 yards; Zeke Theissen 4 carries/19 yards; Jackson Bishop 7 carries/13 yards; Daven Sublette 1 carry/17 yards; Brayden Rajchart 1 carry/7 yards; Jake Kent 1 carry/-2 yards.


Receiving Stats – Ellis 28 receptions/458 yards; Skeens 21 receptions/265 yards; Hall 10 receptions/148 yards; Martin 4 receptions/100 yards; Jordan 8 receptions/76 yards; Longstreet 5 receptions/55 yards; Theissen 1 reception/9 yards; and Sublette 1 reception/5 yards.


Passing Stats – Milner threw 133 passes for 76 completions (57%) for 1,008 yards; 14 TD passes; and 5 interceptions.  Ellis threw 4 passes for 2 completions (50%) for 23 yards; 1 TD pass; and 2 interceptions; and Kroll threw 1 pass for 1 completion for 5 yards; 0 TD passes; and 0 interceptions.


Scoring Stats – Martin 20 TDs/120 points; Ellis 14 TDs/84 points; Milner 8 TDs and 2 2-point extra points (EP)/52 points; Longstreet 44 successful EP kicks (1 point each) and 1 successful field goal (3 points)/47 points; Skeens 5 TDs and 1 2-point EPs/32 points; Jordan 4 TDs/24 points; Hall 3 TDs and 1 2-point EP/20 points; and Theissen 1 TD/6 points.




Punt Returns – Ellis 15 returns/281 yards; Theissen 2 returns/74 yards; and Martin 1 return/7 yards.


Kick-Off Returns – Martin 20 returns/557 yards; Ellis 2 returns/54 yards; Skeens 4 returns/40 yards; Jordan 3 returns/24 yards; Jacob Davis 1 return/4 yards; and J. Hall 1 return/0 yards.


Punts – Sam Kroll 25 punts/760 yards; and Theissen 1 punt/28 yards.


Kick-Offs – Longstreet 68 regular kicks/3,005 yards.
















Theissen 107 tackles (70 solo tackles).

Martin 88 tackles (64 solos), 1 interception and 1 fumble recovery.

S. Kroll 70 tackles (40 solos) and 1 fumble recovery.

Jake Kent 69 tackles (36 solos), 1 interception and 3 fumble recoveries.

Bishop 62 tackles (48 solos) and 1 fumble recovery.

Ellis 54 tackles (35 solos), 2 interceptions and 2 fumble recoveries.

Aaron Henke 53 tackles (24 solos).

Killian 45 tackles (29 solos), 1 interception and 1 fumble recovery.

Hall 42 tackles (26 solos) and 1 fumble recovery.

Forrest 35 tackles (24 solos) and 1 fumble recovery.

Rodney Bernat 35 tackles (15 solos).

Longstreet 30 tackles (23 solos) and 1 interception.

Codey Guile 27 tackles (11 solos).

Skeens 24 tackles (13 solos).

John Hager 23 tackles (13 solos).

Kroll 23 tackles (12 solos) and 2 interceptions.

Jordan 15 tackles (9 solos), 1 interception and 1 fumble recovery.

Clayton Schlanker 12 tackles (8 solos) 1 fumble recovery.

Dyer 11 tackles (7 solos).

Robby Bethel 10 tackles (4 solos).

Ross Brower 9 tackles (6 solos).

Davis 8 tackles (5 solos) and 1 fumble recovery.

K. Kroll 8 tackles (5 solos).

Jacob Davenport 6 tackles (3 solos).

Jack Ecton 5 tackles (2 solos).

Nick Galarza 4 tackles (1 solo).

Rajchart 3 tackles (3 solos).

Joey Schlueter 3 tackles (2 solos).

Sublette 3 tackles (1 solo).

Chase McCleary 2 tackles (1 solo).

Tyler Peterson 2 assisted tackles.

Jacob Scarlet 1 solo tackle.

Dillon Kirkpatrick 1 assisted tackle.

Samuel Brounaugh 1 assisted tackle.



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