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Eagles React: Hostess Announces Closing

November 20, 2012
Madison Southern High School

Late last week it was announced that snack food maker Hostess was going out of business.  Within hours boxes of Twinkies, Ho Hos, and Ding Dongs were being sold on eBay for double and triple the price in the store.  The staff at Eagle Mass Media wanted to find out what many of the students at Southern thought.

Junior class president Kenoa Gallion said, "Hostess closing is like a national catastrophe."  

Jeff Lay bought Twinkies and said, "They're golden and delicious.  You know it's a bad day when Twinkies won't be around anymore."

Adam Simpson was more upset that a less famous name of cakes might disappear: Zingers. "I haven't wanted one in forever, but then I heard they weren't going to be around and I was like, 'I must have a Zinger."

Tyler Gipson was more concerned about the workers that might lose their jobs from the Hostess closing.  "There's a bunch of people who won't...have good jobs; Twinkies provide jobs and enjoyment for people."

Katelynn Begley said she'd miss the mini muffins.  "I'd eat them for breakfast all the time."

Sierra Thorn said she never ate the snack cakes, but Butternut bread was her favorite type. 

Even the teachers have been upset by the announced closing.  Mr. Grant bought a box of Twinkies to share with other teachers in the English department.  "It's a sad day, but I thought we should enjoy a Twinkie together and remember the good times."

Mrs. Grant was upset to learn that Ding Dongs might be gone from store shelves.  "I love 'em.  Those generic ones just aren't the same."

Hostess has just a few hours left as they try to mediate with the bakers' union.  Hopefully they will reach an agreement and the delicious cakes, muffins, and bread will continue to be around.



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