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Ten Commandments of a Championship Parent

August 16, 2011
Macarthur High School

  1. Be positive with your child.  Let them know that they are accomplishing something by being a part of the team.
  2. Encourage them to work and do their best.  Don’t offer excuses for them.
  3. Remember that the coach represents an authority in their life.  If they constantly hear the coach bad-mouthed, they are learning to be a complainer.
  4. Encourage you child to follow team rules.  Coaches must concern themselves with a player’s off-field activities in order to get the maximum physical and mental performance out of their players.
  5. Insist on good grades.  If they don’t pass, they don’t play.
  6. Let them play and have fun.  Don’t try to live vicariously through your child.
  7. Respect the coaches expertise.  The coaches work hard 12 months a year and know what each athlete can and cannot do.  Do not become belligerent towards the team, it’s players or coaches.
  8. Insist on your child’s respect for the game rules, school rules, officials and sportsmanship.  Don’t let them bring shame on themselves, their family, their school, their teammates or their coaches.  Self-respect begins with self-control.
  9. Encourage your child to improve their self-image by believing in themselves.  Every person has been created with worth and value.  Tell them that they are special and that they are only limited to the degree that they limit themselves.  Every child is different.
  10.  Encourage your child to play for the love of the game, not for a                                      scholarship or something that is out of their control.  Usually good things happen to unselfish, hard-working people.

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