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April 12, 2010
Lisle High School


The Lisle Lions relied on big points in the sprints, jumps, and throws to notch an amazing second place finish in the annual Mega Meet. Lisle coach Ken Jakalski described this as one of  his team's best overall performances in years.  "If you asked me if I thought we could come close to Westmont, I would have said 'no way.'  We not only came close, we beat them, and came within four points of topping St. Francis. Our guys have a lot to be happy about.  We can always point out that the level of competition may be different from one year to another, but the key is the in marks themselves.  The times and distances were considerably better than those we achieved in recent years."

 Field Events:

Shot Put: Terrence "The A Train" Allen finished 2nd with a toss of 42'10.50, a 2.5 inch improvement.  Dan Wroble finished 3rd with a toss of 40' 10".  That's an improvement of 1' 5" Lorenzo Esposito finished 4th with a toss of 399". That's  an improvement of 3 inches. Other marks:  Dan Kisla tossed 33' 1," Nick Nigro 29'4," Cody Sarallo 28' 7" and Thomas Keleher 25' 5.50". Last year's marks: Lorenzo Esposito took 3rd with a toss of 38' 10"  : Dan Wroble: 35' 1/2" Nick Nigro: 30' 9 1/2" Dan Kisla: 25' 8"

Discus:  Terrance Allen continued to rack up big points.  The A-Train took 2nd overall with a toss of 124'2"  Lorenzo Esposito finished 3rd with a mark of 118'10" Dan Wroble  was 4th with a toss of 108' 1"  Nick Nigro was 7th in 94'9," Dan Kisla threw 89' 9, and Thomas Keleher 68'9." Last year's marks: Lorenzo took 3rd at 115' 8,"  Dan Wroble tossed 105' 3" which placed him 5th.   Nick Nigro: 84'3"  Dan Kisla: 70' 3"

Long Jump

Anthony Ventrella took 1st with a mark of 19' 10.50" Levi Smith jumped 17' 5" and placed 9th.  Adam Levi's mark is an improvement of 3 inches.  Gleason jumped 16'5" and finished 11th.  Adam's leap is an improvement of 7.50" Last year's marks:  Anthony Ventrella jumped 17' 8"  Levi Smith 15'6"

Triple Jump:

Anthony Ventrella  took 1st with a leap of 40' 9". Adam Gleason took 3rd at 35' 11.50".  Levi Smith was 7th at 34' 9" and Mitch McCarthy 11th at 33' 1.50" Last year's marks: Anthony took 2nd at  39'  Levi Smith took 6th at  

33'10 Adam Gleason 31' 8 1/2"

 High Jump: Adam Gleason took 4th with a leap of 5' 8". This matched the mark of Shepherd Smith from last year, and is a 2 inch improvement.

Running Events:

4X800 Meter Relay:  Lisle finished 3rd with a mark of 8:53.69.  Last year we were 2nd in 9:08.98.  The splits: Mike Reeves opened with a 2:14.32, Grant Fitzgerald ran 2:13.22, Alex Begley clocked a fine 2:16.56, and Greg Danner anchored with a 2:09.59.  Last year' splits:  Mike Reeves opened with a  2:11.54.  Jon Rodriguez ran 2:16.95. Henry Yan 2:25.81, and Greg Danner 2:14.68. 

4X100 Meter Relay:

Despite a dropped baton in the anchor leg, Lisle finished 5th in 48.81.  The splits:  Jon Ferrari 11.65, Tyler Young 13.07, Anthony Ventrella 9.53, and  Jack Stephens 14.56.  Last year we ran 46.68 and took 3rd overall.  Brandon Harris opened with a 12.43, Shepherd Smith clocked a 9.94, David Storme had a 12.55, and Kyle Muelhausen anchored with an 11.76

 3200 Meter Run: Zach Lange ran 112:49.26 and placed 8th.  Last year Zach ran 11:46.21. 

100 meter dash: This was a highlight event for Lisle, and a major breakthrough for several sprinters. The big performance can from Jack Stephens, who took 1st in 11.54. .  That's an improvement by .32!! Anthony Ventrella took 3rd in 11.77, an improvement of .43 seconds. Nick Leonard was 4th in 11.81, a career improvement of .80. Andrew Populorum was 5th in 11.88, an improvement of .26, and Jonathan Ferrari was 6th in 11.91, an improvement of .13. Other times, which were also very good: Mitch McCarthy 12.12, Tyler Young 12.30, Robbie Den 12.39, Jake Kretman 12.61, Cori Beckman 12.75, and Terrance Allen 13.11. Last year's times:   Brandon Harris took 5th in 12.16. Jack Stephens: 12.40, Kyle Muelhausen: 12.42, Andrew Populorum: 12.60.  Nick Leonard: 12.78, Tyler Young: 12.84, Levi Smith: 12.99, Mitch McCarthy: 13.05, Jake Kretman: 13.12,  Jon Ferrari: 13.33, Cori Beckman: 13.36.  Think about just how good these times really are.  This is the most talent-deep squad of sprinters I've coached in a long time. 

800 Meter Run:

Greg Danner finished 4th overall in 2:09.18.  Last year Greg took 5th at 2:14.03 Grant Fitzgerald took 5th in 2:11.52.  The story of the meet was the performance of Greg Dzuricsko.  Greg couldn't wait for this meet to challenge for a sport on the 4 X 800, and the results speak for themselves.  Greg ran 2:14.79 and finished 7th.  Alex Begley had a great time in a great race with Greg.  Alex finished 9th at 2:15.45. The splits themselves tell us just how competitive this race was.  Greg's laps were 67 and 66.  Alex ran 65-69.   This represented the very best of Lisle track.  Mike Reeves ran 2:16.50, Austin Goetz 2:24.09, Sam Row 2:28.29, Scott Sheahan 2:34.51, Brad Leonard 2:38.53, and Tyler Martin 2:51.37.  Last year's times: Mike Reeves was 6th in 2:14.07.  Pat Webb 2:24.35.   Brad Leonard 2:49.10, and Sam Rowe: 2:49.87.   Sam ran a career best by 3.70 seconds.

4x200 Meter Relay: Lisle took 2nd in a fine time of 1:37.74. Last year we were 3rd in 1:38.85. This was a very respectable time.  The splits:  Jon Ferrari 24.76, Tyler Young 25.05, Levi Smith 24.10, and Jack Stephens 23.83.   Last year's splits: Brandon Harris opened with a 25.20, Jack Stephens ran 24.15,  David Storme 24.53,  and Kyle Muelhausen 24.97.

400 Meter Dash:

Nick Leonard finished 4th overall in 54.25.  This is a career best by 1.39 seconds! Jake Kretman ran 58.20 and placed 10th. Robbie Dean ran58.87 and finished 11th. Last year's times: Mitch McCarthy took 5th in 54.92 Nick Leonard finished 6th in 58.29.  Jake Kretman made his 400 debut at 1:00.49.

300 Hurdles:

Jon Early finished 5th in 46.13.

1600 Meter Run:   

Greg Danner placed 6th in 5:00.13 Last year Greg clocked a 5:10.83. Other times: Alex Begley ran 5:20.26 for 8th.  Zach Lange ran 5:48.00, Mike Swartz 5:54.63, Scott Sheahan 5:59.58, and Jacob Tarasewicz 6:04.97. Last year's times: Alex Begley: 5:26.33 Zach Lange 5:30.03, Michael Swartz 6:15.86, Jacob Tarasewicz 6:19.30.

200 Meter Dash:

Nick Leonard (even with a clear false start), finished 2nd overall with a 23.92.  Jack Stephens finished 3rd with a  24.14, an improvement of .32. Andy Populorum finished 6th in 24.77.  Other times:  Jon Ferrari 24.87 for 10th, Levi Smith 24.93 for 8th, Tyler Young 26.27 for 15th. Cori Beckman 26.86 for 18thm and Brad Leonard 28.66 for 23rd. Last year's times: Brandon Harris ran 24.85 and placed 6th. Kyle Muelhausen clocked a 25.03 David Storme 25.30, Jon Ferrari 26.65, Jack Stephens 27.12, Levi Smith 27.27, and Tyler Young 27.55.  

 4X 400 Meter Relay: Lisle finished 7th in 3:55.35.  The splits:  Jon Early 57.86, Nick Leonard 59.32, Mitch McCarthy 57.87, and Jake Kretman 1:00.50. Last year we ran 3:50.66. The splits: Steve Doyle 57.83, Nick Leonard ran 57.97, Mitch McCarthy clocked a 56.23, and Shepherd Smith ran 58.73. 

Overall Comments: This was a great meet because athletes were, for the most part, focused on competition and ready to run, jump, or throw. What else contributed to the great day?  Weather was a key factor, and having a south wind certainly affected all the sprints and jumps.  I was very pleased with this team' mental approach and effort. 

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