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A new season, a new beginning.

August 15, 2012
Lemont High School

As Lemont High School gets ready to embark on another football season filled with promise and uncertainty, reflections of the past have permeated through the haze of memories to, once again, be in the forefront of the Eric Michelson dynasty.   When Coach Michelson took the position as Head Football Coach at Lemont High School the initial goals were simple: play better than .500 ball and make the playoffs.  This elusive achievement was a dream to many players and coaches who dedicated themselves each day for years on end, only to that dream washed away like a grass-stain on a uniform.  In the past 10 years, fans of the Lemont High School Indians have come accustom to conference championships, deep playoff berths, and the occasional IHSA State Final appearance.  With an overall record of 92 wins and 25 losses, the coaching staff that Coach Michelson has built over the course of his tenure is filled with knowledge, passion, and an energy that has penetrated the deepest parts of this historic town. 

That energy has brought with it talent, talent, and more talent.  The pool of athleticism that is Indian football has afforded many student-athletes the ability to participate at the next level.  From the Junior College level to the esteemed Division 1A conferences like the Big Ten and the SEC, Lemont High School Indians have etched their names in football’s history as those who have played college football.  The hard work and dedication that these tireless athletes have shown over the course of their careers are shining examples to all who have gone before and to those who will follow after that the program at LHS is not to be taken lightly.  The continuation of football for these former Indians at the collegiate level not only bolsters pride in the program, but also in the community.  The stands at the Lemont High School Football Stadium always seem to find their capacity and overrun with standing-room-only seating on the hills to the east and west.  This community support is predicated on the principle that these young individuals will further their education at an institution of higher learning and utilize their talents for all to see. 

These past four years one individual has certainly furthered his career at one such institution of higher learning.  He has many accolades on the collegiate football field: First-team All-Big Ten, Big Ten Offensive Lineman of the Year, NCAA Consensus All-American, and the Rimington Trophy, which is awarded to the NCAA Most Outstanding Center.  Above all, however, the reflection of Dave Molk can be seen in the minds of many LHS fans, coaches, and players because of his historic step into the limelight this past spring during the 2012 NFL Draft.  During Round 7, the San Diego Chargers selected the former LHS tackle with the 226th pick of the draft.  This selection sent a shockwave through the football program at Lemont High School.  Dave Molk was drafted as a professional NFL player; a Lemont Indian has been drafted.  The barriers have been removed; the door thrust open.  Years from now history will tell its story about the athletes who followed in Dave’s footsteps and imprinted their cleats in the professional stadiums across America, but today we celebrate the Alpha, the beginning.  The beginning of a program LHS Indian Football has never known.  The same program that not long ago was in searching of a winning season has sent one of its own to play on Sundays.

The potential is great that the Indian football program will see more of its players on Sundays, and probably more sooner than later.  But the talents of those athletes were not born on Sundays or even on Saturdays; those talents were born under the lights on Friday night.  Every rhythmic movement, every burst of speed, the muscle memories that these athletes relied on to punch their ticket to the next level were harnessed and honed at no place other than Lemont High School.  Each year there is a passing of the torch and goodbyes are said to some while an empty set of pads waits for another. 

The stage has been set and needless-to-say, the Friday night lights will be beaming once again this fall at Lemont High School.  Join us in support this program, its coaching staff, and the players by attending or watching live via LHSindians.ihigh.com

As always, thank you for your patronage and Go Indians!

-The Crew


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