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 2013-14 Moeller Cheerleaders

Front Row Left to Right:   

Jordan Hall, MND; Natalie Lutz-Captain, MND; Molly Morgan-Captain, MND; Maria Lowe-Captain, St. Ursula; Mary Ann Gottschlich-Captain, Ursuline; Cami Ray, MND.

Second Row Left to Right: 

Marina Zampese, MND; Caitlin Engelhardt, MND; Rachel Frericks, MND; Nia Crosby, St. Ursula; Madeline Brennan, St. Ursula; Alexa Couch, MND.

2013-14 Moeller Cheerleading Squad



 The 2013-2014 Archbishop Moeller Cheerleaders consist of young women from Mt. Notre Dame, Ursuline Academy, and St. Ursula. 

The squad attended the Universal Cheerleaders Association Camp at Bowling Green State University in July, and was awarded Cheer Champion.  The squad also had six girls nominated for All-American:  Mary Ann Gottschlich, Natalie Lutz, Marina Zampese, Jordan Hall, Cami Ray, and Maria Lowe.  After a very good performance by all the nominees, Maria Lowe and Marina Zampese were chosen All-Americans.

 2014 Moeller Cheerleading

Madeline Brennan St. Ursula – 2017
Alexa Couch MND – 2017
Nia Crosby - Captain St. Ursula – 2015
Caitlin Engelhardt MND – 2016
Rachel Frericks - Captain MND – 2015
Jordan Hall - Captain MND – 2015
Cami Ray - Captain MND – 2015
Marina Zampese - Captain MND – 2015
Maggie Hodge MND - 2017
Jessy Koller MND - 2017
Alia Mack MND- 2016
Molly Aldrich St. Ursula - 2016
Ivy Walsh-Alternate MND - 2018
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2014-2015 Moeller Cheerleaders!

Thank you to all of the girls who participated in the tryouts.


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