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A Thank You Letter from Coach John Rodenberg

February 11, 2014
Cincinnati Moeller High School

February 11, 2014


Moeller Nation,

As we look back on another successful year of Moeller Football, I cannot help but to be humbled by the amazing road that we travelled to get to our ninth state title. Before our season began, tragedy found our doors twice with the deaths of Nick Allen and Bubba Hoctor. With heavy hearts, we began the season, a season that we dedicated to our fallen Crusaders with a simple goal, to be excellent.

By excellence, we meant that everything that we did, on and off the field, before and during the season, had to meet the highest of standards. With an all-new batch of players, winning another state title may not have been likely, but establishing consistency in motivation and achievement, with hard work, could be maintained with the requisite amount of hard work.

As the season wore on, the blueprint began to become the narrative: a win followed a win, and another, and another, until we found ourselves on the road that seems so familiar to Moeller Football.

Our road was beset by the traditional obstacles: Bombers, Panthers, Cardinals, and in the north, Wildcats and more Cardinals. This daunting schedule turned out to be no match for the will and drive of a group of Crusaders bent on achieving the excellence that has been the hallmark of this storied program.

As always, I would like to send out our heartfelt thanks to our fans. Time after time, our team fed off of the raw energy of our students, parents, and alumni. Without you, there is no tradition, no state titles, and no reason to believe.

I would like to thank the staff and volunteers that made every road trip smooth, every meal filling, and every game equipped with the tools for victory.

I would like to thank the parents, whose love and support has nurtured these young men, and whose guidance made them leaders.

I would like to thank the faculty who tirelessly works to form our young men into the type of men that we want to send out into the world.

I would also like to thank the endless number of people who have supported us behind the scenes in ways too numerous to mention.   

In closing, we have already started the yeoman’s work of formulating our core for next year, but we will always hold close to our hearts the joy of our supporters, the memories of our brothers who have passed on, and the lessons that the game and life have taught us.

Our goal for next year, and for every year, will remain the same. We will not chase trophies, honors, or awards. For us, excellence is a journey, not a destination.


John Rodenberg

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