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With hard data, Lady Lakers rank higher in Nats, much higher

February 1, 2013

The ranking is what you might expect, considering LLC has gone to the National Finals for Division I in St. George, UT, for the last two seasons.

But know the poll is weighted by several factors, which the NJCAA used to publish, but most likely still include the rankings by NJCAA representatives across the country, and who are usually the athletic directors at competing colleges. This is not surprising, considering the usual retort: "Who else is gonna do it?"

But understand some of those "deciding factors" included how tough the schedule was for any team being considered for the Top-20, and just how well an NJCAA rep thought a team was based on any personal experience. Either, or all ways considered, the process is highly subjective. Hey, it's a national poll. Those aren't done by pure data alone.

The point is, no one is ever satisfied with the results, unless, of course, you're the number one ranked team in the nation, like Salt Lake Community College, who took second place at the Nats at Canyons Complex on the north side of St. George last May. Where do the National Champions, Chattanooga State Community College rank? Seventeenth, three rankings below Lake Land, who bowed out of the Nats in three games, having lost their opener, 5-1, to Howard College, then stayed alive later in the day by defeating Western Nebraska Community College, 10-1.

Read the full article here, on BoothGuy, and find out how the Lady Lakers rank, much, much higher, when it comes to some objective, hard data.

Another preseason poll article can be found on JG-TC, here.

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