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Lake Land College ranked as safest campus in Illinois, fourth in nation

May 20, 2012

MATTOON--Lake Land College is the safest college campus in the state of Illinois and the fourth safest campus in the United States, according to information released by the Web site StateUniversity.com.

“We are proud to say that at Lake Land College, your child and family members are very safe,” said Scott Lensink, Lake Land College president. “We strive to provide an affordable, quality education in a safe and nurturing environment, and our hard work has paid off as the campus is officially the safest in the state.”

The college takes many precautions in order to ensure the safety of the campus. For instance, the Lake Land College Police Department is staffed with 13 certified police officers, employed either full-time or part-time, who work to patrol the campus 24 hours a day.

Led by Chief of Police, Randy Ervin, the department strives to offer the highest level of public safety by using the latest technology available in the law enforcement field and maintaining a visible presence on campus. The department also offers various levels of training to ensure faculty, staff and students are prepared in the case of an emergency.

“Chief Ervin is a graduate of the FBI National Academy and leads his force with the utmost professionalism and enthusiasm,” said Lensink. “The Lake Land College police officers are committed to professional excellence and constantly seek new and better ways to provide services, while maintaining a welcoming and open campus environment.”

According to Ervin, maintaining a safe learning environment is all is a day’s work.

“The cooperation we have from all departments on campus helps the police department provide a safe environment,” said Ervin. “I’m extremely proud of the great job my staff does each day, but I also recognize and appreciate the cooperation we get from other campus departments.” 

According to Ervin, some of those cross departmental efforts include work done by the college’s Information Systems and Services department which has implemented an emergency alert system where students and employees can receive information via text and email; the Facilities Planning department, which considers safety issues when designing and maintaining building projects; and the Allied Health Division which has coordinated training in areas like first aid, CPR and AED.

Ervin also noted the importance of the college’s Security Committee that consists of a large cross section of campus representatives which meets quarterly to stay on top of safety and security concerns on campus.

“It’s truly a campus wide team effort that causes this type of recognition to be possible,” said Ervin.

StateUniversity.com is a comprehensive directory of all college and universities in the

United States. The Web site features profiles about colleges and tools that help narrow down the choice of college for future students and parents interested in researching schools for their children.

To see a list of campus safety ratings in the state of Illinois, visit www.stateuniversity.com/rank_by_state/safety_score_rank/IL.html. For a national list, visit www.stateuniversity.com/rank/safety_score_rank/1#4.

(by Chet Novak) Additional notes: A comparison of safety between neighboring Illinois four-year universities to which a significant proportion of Lake Land students go on to attend yielded some eye-opening results.

Four-year colleges included were University of Illinois, Illinois State University, Western Illinois University, Northern Illinois University, Eastern Illinois University, Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, and Southern Illinois University-Carbondale.

The saftey study by StateUniversity.com accounts for the differences in student population by ranking safety per/thousand students.

The safety classifications are: aggravated assault, arson, burglary, forcible rape, larceny-theft, murder, robbery, and vehicle theft.

LLC...national rank: 4th. An outstanding safety rating by anyone's standards, includes a state (IL) ranking of 1st. Students here should be proud to be a part of making Lake Land the safest campus in a state like Illinois.

Where the top four colleges in the nation have been marked by larceny-theft, Lake Land must admit burglary as well. If not, LLC would've been ranked 3rd in the country.  

NIU...national rank: 205th. Marked by: aggravated assault, burglary, forcible rape, theft, robbery, and vehicle theft. These crime marks may seem poor, but of the schools chosen for this comparison, NIU has the best overall safetly marks for students moving on from Lake Land.

ISU...national rank: 263rd. Marked by: aggravated assault, arson, burglary, forcible rape, theft, robbery, and vehicle theft.

U of I...national rank: 264th. Marked by: aggravated assault, burglary, forcible rape, theft, robbery, and vehicle theft.

SIU-E...national rank: 333rd. Marked by: aggravated assault, burglary, theft, robbery, vehicle theft. Poor ranking, to be sure, but no arson, rapes, or murder.

SIU-C...national rank: 409th. Marked by: aggravated assault, burlary, rape, theft, robbery, vehicle theft.

WIU, EIU...national rank: below 450th. Marked by: unknown. And who cares, if a school ranks this poorly on a national level, parents should consider micro-chipping their children rather than their pets if choosing either of these schools on a safety basis.

Particularly disturbing is Eastern Illinois University, which is "just down the road" from Lake Land College and that becomes an unavoidable choice for mostly local students who often simply do not have the means to attend much safer institutions.

Considering safety by the numbers, Northern Illinois University becomes the best choice for LLC graduates. Of course, the saught-after degree can sway the choice.

Possibly the best choice for female students is ISU or SIU-E, for a clean record of the type of crimes often victimizing women.

Personal safety, as the wise student knows, is best left in the hands of the individual student rather than any campus or police security, and only the best of the latter will not only tell you the same thing, but educate the student in like fashion.

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