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High School Retreat

November 18, 2010
Calvary Christian School

They've done it again! The senior class has planned and hosted the highlight of the school year once again and, to many, this year was the best ever.

Every year, the seniors have a monstrous task before them: plan and operate a high school getaway to remember, without any teacher help.  This is a task that nightmares are made of, and many other students would back down from the challenge, but our incredible senior class managed to pull it off, and it was amazing.

The Seniors left on Tuesday, October 26th so they could set up and prepare for everyone to arrive on Wednesday.  The retreat was held at Woodland Christian Camp in Temple, Georgia.  The students stayed in cabins, six cabins for the guys and seven cabins for the girls.  Each of the girls' cabins was decorated with a theme and color, such as Christmas, rubber ducks, Candy Land, Halloween, jungle and under the sea.

After arriving, we had orientation to learn the rules and get our cabin and small group assignments.  The weather for the first day was rainy so getting everything where it belonged was difficult.  After unpacking we had about an hour to hang out in our cabin and get to know everyone.  Lunch was followed by recreation time.

The speaker for the retreat was Judd Patterson, a youth minister at North Highland Assembly of God.  The theme of the retreat was "The Happening" which challenged us with teachings on our relationship with Christ, temptation and self worth.  Judd's messages were very personal and spoke straight to the heart, making us think about things we need to do to make our lives reflect Christ..  Before or after chapel services, worship was led by Seniors Jacob VanHorn, Matt Luke, Kendall Morris and Caytlin Merritt. 

Thursday started with "God and I" time.  It was time to be alone with God for prayer, Bible study and reflection.  More worship and small group time followed.  After lunch all classes competed in a relay race, made up of games such as over-under, hotshot basketball, human pyramid, and dizzy bat.

Thursday's night chapel was about trials we face as Christians and how it isn't always easy. Small groups met again after chapel.  The end of the night was a bonfire where we sang worship songs and talked. For some, this bonfire was an amazing experience as they felt God in a new and different way.  Freshman and Senior girls gathered after the bonfire to reveal Senior Sisters.  They had ice cream sandwiches  and talked with each other.

Friday was the day to pack up, clean up and load up the buses for the trip back to Calvary.  Quotes from some of the students:

"Overall I had a great time at retreat for the first time going.  I look forward to going for the next few years and to leading it as seniors.  I hope that the seniors know how much everybody liked it this year."

"I felt that this first high school retreat was a great experience for not only me but everyone else in the high school.  I came to know God in a way I never have.  This time really helped me grow spiritually and helped me see what I need to fix in my personal behavior.  The Seniors did an awesome job with this year's retreat.  I can't wait until next year when we get to do it all again."

"The high school retreat was a lot of fun, and a lot of people experienced Christ in a way they never had before.  The worship was great; the speaker really had a way to get people to listen and relate to what he was saying, and it gave people a great chance to bond and make new friends."

"This retreat was a life changing experience for me and many others.  God was there watching over us through the bad weather and stress some of us went through.  He opened the eyes of many to see His power and love come over them and help them live for Him.  Many of the upper classmen agree that this year has been the best retreat they can remember."

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