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Inspiration is Biological

Apr 12, 2013 • Irvington High School
By: Chelsie Riche: Biology can be fun?! IHS teacher shows how...and inspires students on the way. More

What's on Your High School Graduation Bucket List?

Jan 25, 2013 • Irvington High School
By Nelly Sekyere: Hey Seniors! What are you planning to do before Graduation Day? Here are a few suggestions. More

A New Year Means a New You

Jan 25, 2013 • Irvington High School
By: Chelsie Riche: It's not to late! Make your New Year's resolution today! Here's how. More

Diabetes Doesn't Deter Determined Senior

Jan 15, 2013 • Irvington High School
By: Rasheedah Byrd: Learning to live with diabetes, IHS senior Na'imah Spells has also learned about life. More

Guiding Students to the Future

Dec 10, 2012 • Irvington High School
By Stephan James: Join us for an occasional look at some of Irvington High School's greatest resources - it's staff. More

After the Storm: Real Life Tales of Hurricane Sandy (Updated)

Dec 3, 2012 • Irvington High School
A variety of students react to Hurricane Sandy and how the storm impacted their lives. More

Jelly Beans: The Truth Behind the Legend

May 15, 2012 • Irvington High School
By Mahalia Hooker: Where do they really come from and what are they made of? Billions are sold on Easter alone, but they are popular year-round. So, what makes this snack so tasty? More

The Future Looks Beautiful for Cosmetology

May 15, 2012 • Irvington High School
By Diamond Harp: It's testing time for IHS cosmetology students training for careers in the world of beauty and fashion. More

Technology Takes a Toll on Toddlers to Teens

May 9, 2012 • Irvington High School
By: Dominique Reynolds: The negative impact of technology on the young is examined in this revealing feature. More

Calls of the Wild: Telephone Abuse in the 21st Century

May 7, 2012 • Irvington High School
By Dimitri Jean Baptiste: Smartphones can lead to some very dumb decisions in today's world. More

Ask Dominique

Feb 15, 2012 • Irvington High School
By Dominque Reynolds: Questions about life, love and relationships? Ask Dominique! More

A Super Bowl For the Ages

Feb 1, 2012 • Irvington High School
By Al-Juran Harris Eafford: It's all football all weekend as the Giants take on the Patriots in Super Bowl 46. Who will win? Find out here! More


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