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Wrestlers Pin Their Success on the Team Manager

February 22, 2013
Irvington High School

By Daaimah Flowers and Rasheedah Byrd

Welcome to the wonderful world of Wrestling!

Keeping records of the scores, the wins and losses of the wrestling team is the job of the manager, Keyla Motesdeoca. Her job may sound easy and fun, after all, who doesn’t want to take care of a group of good looking guys? But being the manager of this competitive sport takes a great deal of hard work and dedication.

Keyla’s job never seems to end, from keeping track of everyone's scores, to looking for everyone’s equipment. Despite the pressure, she finds her job to be extremely rewarding and joyful.

“I heard that the Blue Knights Boys needed someone to manage them and I immediately found myself volunteering for the job,” said Keyla

Coach Steel thought so as well, because, after an interview, the job was hers .

The wrestling team is having a good season this year, with a record of 9 -10 as of February 14. The team consists of a dedicated group of students who recognize the fact that wrestling is a grueling sport that is often underappreciated and unrecognized in the school.

Becoming a wrestler was an easy thought for Shomari Jarrett, once he was moved in that direction by graduated student, Romario Herbert. To keep fit during the wrestling season Shomari has to put his love of food to rest, eating more fruits and replacing his intake of soda with water.

“For wrestlers just starting out,” says Shomari. “ never try to be like someone else in the weight room. Strive to be better than the person next to you, and when you become the best...strive to get better than yourself. There is always room for improvement so staying humble is key.”

What do the fans have to say about the Blue Knights wrestling team?

“I love watching their matches! There is so much positive energy buzzing around before they take a step onto the matt.” said a high school sophomore.

“I never know what to expect from the Blue Knight Boys! I mean I always get nervous for the other team that challenges us. Have you seen their arms?!” laughs high school senior Chanel Clarke.

Practice is everyday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the gymnasium or weight room.

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