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What's on Your High School Graduation Bucket List?

January 25, 2013
Irvington High School

By Nelly  Sekyere

The year is finally over and you find yourself ready to graduate. Your college applications are already done and you are preparing yourself for college life. Wait! Before you buy your cap and gown, here are the 10 things to do before you graduate:

  1. Apply to colleges – Finish your college applications and get that of your mind. You will be glad when you are done.
  2. Get straight As – It is such a good feeling when you gain straight A’s on your report card. Take a picture of it and post it on your Facebook.
  3. Be a teachers’ favorite student- Make your teachers love you. Complete your assignments and get things done quickly.
  4. Go to a sporting event – Watch a football game with your friends. Support your high school players by cheering them on.
  5. Go to your school play with friends – Have fun with your friends when you go to watch the school play. Enjoy every moment with them because, you will soon graduate.
  6. Go to your school homecoming dance - Have fun. Dance with your friends and take a lot of pictures. Those are the memories you will not forget.
  7. Do something silly- For instance, dance and sing with your friends in the middle of the hallways.
  8. Make new friends – Become friends with people who are the complete opposite of you.
  9. Post your college acceptance – Let the world know that you got accepted to a college. Brag about it because you worked hard for it.
  10. Go to your high school prom – Go to prom with a party bus or a limo. Get a date and have fun. You deserve it because, high school was a struggle.

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