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A New Year Means a New You

January 25, 2013
Irvington High School

By: Chelsie Riche

Yes ladies and gentlemen, it’s that time of the year again! The time where we look back at the past year and think of our ups and downs; our most enjoyable moments, our worse moments. However, its a new year, which means that we have to let go of everything that happened in the year 2012, and move on with a fresh mind and new attitude towards year 2013.

For many, letting go is a challenge, so that’s why many students of Irvington High School decided to create a New Year’s resolution to make the year 2013 memorable.

A New Year’s resolution can be thought as a pledge used to guide one in letting go of old things to try new ones. However, not many people know how to follow a new year’s resolution. Some people write the resolution and give on following through with it. So to help you with writing your personal New

Year’s resolution, here are some tips to follow:

1. Begin today

2. Put your goals in writing and put them somewhere you can regularly see them.                                   
Put your goals on the wall of your room, the front of the refrigerator, where you spend most of your time, etc.  By putting your goals in your everyday places, it is less likely that you to forget about them if you are reminded of them daily.

3. Make your goals realistic.                                                                        Do not write things that you know you will not be able to control or accomplish

4. Your goals should be specific                                                               Write down the things that you know you will accomplish for the year 2013. For example; go to the One Direction 2013 Summer Tour at the Izod Center.

5. Make your goals controllable                                                                 You are the only one who has power over what you want to accomplish, take steps after steps. Don’t rush through things because you will lose control.

6. Keep track of your progress on a regular basis.
It is recommended to check your every week, or at least once a month, to see what progress you have made. An easy way to check your progress is to set a reminder on your cell phone, or IPad.

Other tips to follow:
1.  Forget the past
2.  Let it go
3.  Do it now
4.  Don’t wait.
5.  Talk to strangers
6.  Make haste to be kind.
7.  Action, not reaction.
8.  Act the way you want to feel.
9.  Enjoy the process.
10.  Be polite and be fair.
11.  Spend out.
12.   Identify the problem.
13.  No calculation.
14.  Lighten up.
15.  Do what ought to be done.
16.  Try new things
17.  Don’t be afraid to take risks

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