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Basketball Dreams Start Here

January 25, 2013
Irvington High School

By Nasir Threadgill                                                              

Last year’sbasketball season was one to remember. Coach Robinson also known as “Bam” said that it was a spectacular season, although he can’t remember the exact record of the team off the top of his head.

 Coach Robinson added that the team almost won the conference finals but lost in overtime by just two points.

It’s a new year and a new season though and there is a renewed drive for success. This year, as in past years, players are not just randomly picked. Tryouts are held for one day and then after that the coaches close the tryouts and pick the team.

According to Coach Robinson, by making it one day he gives all students trying out the opportunity to put all their talent on the floor at one time. Favoritism does not play a role in picking the players, unless you mean that Coach Bam favors players who can play basketball.

Training and conditioning also play a role in selection. In general, the squad isn’t as fit as the coach wants them to be when they make the team. Some kids are just coming from the long weeks of doing nothing and then the tryouts occur the same week as Thanksgiving so you everyone is a little sluggish.

When looking to play basketball, or any sporty, potential players need to be respectful of the coaches and those trying out. Once they make the team, they need to keep their grades up, come to practice and put in their full effort every day in order to stay on the team.

The reality is, players are not always dedicated to the sport of basketball. Players may sometimes love the sport so much that they forget about the fundamentals of staying in shape and playing under control, which sometimes brings them to a point where they give up, quit and have a complete change of heart.

Practices can be as hard as lifting 200 lb or as easy as heating up a hot pocket. Some practices contain vigorous workouts like running up and down the first and second floor of the school. But some may just include a little running in gym, some drills and then scrimmaging.

Overall, making the basketball team is not as hard as you think. Still, if you don’t have the grades, dedication, and heart needed to stay on the team, then you can kiss the dream of playing your “life sport” goodbye.   

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