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Irvington Dancers "Step" Right Up

December 20, 2012
Irvington High School

By Daaimah Flowers

Welcome to the world of Stepping, a world the Irvington High School is entering with the formation of it new Step Team.

Co-captain Christianna “Knock Out ” Sodeke explained everything there is to know about stepping. Stepping as it is most commonly called is when the person’s entire body becomes a musical instrument. This year The Blue Knight Steppers will be cheering for JV basketball and showing school spirit along the way. Christianna has been stepping with the team for 2 years.

The Blue Knight Steppers performed at many events  last year and they aren’t planning to disappoint this year.

Last year, team advisor and coach  Ms. Erica Yvonnett, suggested a fundraiser to raise money for new uniforms. The uniforms currently worn by the members are long blue shirts and black leggings.

As a result of the plan to raise funds, “The Chicken Fest” was born. Several administrators agreed to have their names printed on pieces of raffle paper. It was $1 a vote and whoever’s name students voted for the most had to wear chicken suit through the entire day of school and help sell chicken after school. Ms. Grater won the votes and, like the good sport she was, she proudly wore the chicken suit.

Raising money was a hurdle for the team but making the after school club an actual sport was another.

“It’s considered an activity, not a sport even though we have to stretch properly and work up a sweat,” says Kyndrea Ramdial, another member of the team.

“The fact is, we all get along and the club is a family,” says Co-captain Christianna.

The Step Team is also looking to expand its ranks and continue to grow. The team regularly goes out to Middle Schools to perform and recruit new members for the team.

“Stepping is alot of fun and isn’t really that hard. It depends on your learning ability and how quickly you catch on” says another member of the team.

According to Ms. Yvonnett, The Blue Knights Step Team will be entering competitions this year with its 23 members.  

The Blue Knight Steppers meet every Thursday after school from 3 to 6 pm in Room 009 or the auditorium  to practice their routine.

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