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IHS Girls Love Tennis!

December 19, 2012
Irvington High School

By Chelsie Riche

On Thursday, October 25, 2012, the Irvington Girls Tennis Team ended their Conference Season with a whooping record of 8-4.

The Irvington girls made it their duty to excel greatly in what they do, and their hard work has paid off.  Last year, the girls received the title as the Champions of the Essex County Girls Tennis Conference. This year, yet again they managed to be in the top five tennis teams in the county of Essex.

Though they failed to hold on to their title, these girls are extremely proud to have gotten as far as they did with the help of their coach, Mr. Derrick Tomasino, who saw great potential in them.

“I try to promote hard work, dedication, and proper technique while maintaining a fun atmosphere,” said Coach Tomasino.

According to Coach Tomasino, the games are not just about winning. Instead, they are about enjoying the sport and being motivated for improvement. His attitude towards the sport has encouraged many others to join the tennis team for many reasons.

Danisha Pierre, a rising senior at Irvington High School, wanted to play tennis because her older sister played for the school a few years ago. After many practices with her sister, she decided that she would play tennis because she had fun whenever she played with her sister.

“I wanted to play a sport, but I was not so sure about which sport I wanted to play,” said Cierra Promph, a junior and first doubles player on the team. “Luckily, Coach Tomasino encouraged me to try playing tennis. I decided to give it a try and I really like it. I plan to play it again next year again because it’s a really fun sport and it keeps me motivated,” she continued.

Coach Tomasino has a lot of enthusiasm for the game. He played tennis in high school and in college, and really enjoys the sport. Thus, he took it upon himself to coach tennis to others. He has been a tennis coach for ten years now, coaching high school students in Scotch Plains for two years, before coming to Irvington to oversee the Irvington girls and boys tennis teams respectively. He has been the coach in Irvington High for 3 years now.

Unfortunately, most of the girls who were on the tennis team this year are seniors who will be graduating come June, 2013. Thus, many see it as a weakness for the tennis team. Coach Tomasino, however, thinks otherwise.

“It hurts to watch most of the tennis girls leaving the team because they are seniors, but I don’t believe it’s a weakness because I think that the rest of the girls have the capability to step up and regain our title as Essex County Conference Champions,” he said.

Now that the tennis season is officially over, many members of the team are sad to see most of the girls on the team departing. As for the seniors, some plan to continue to play tennis in college, while others have decided that they are done with their tennis career because they do not want any distractions when in school.

Nonetheless, all things must come to an end, and indeed these girls are CHAMPIONS!  Blue Knights All Day!





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