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File IHS's Library Council Under Service

December 19, 2012
Irvington High School

By Jane Nwekeze

The Irvington Library Council is a club consisting of students who are maintaining the school library. The purpose of the Library Council  is to inform students about the library and to encourage them to use the facility and, perhaps, to become a member of the council.

The members of the Irvington High School Library Council also volunteer for community service based programs and provide education for other. The Library Council visits elementary schools and preschools to read to them. Already, they have visited Augusta Elementary School and Thurgood Marshall Elementary School, and read to the sick in a local hospital.

Also, members of the Council went to the Liberty Museum for educational purposes.
“Students can benefit by spending more time in the library, learning from others and following the rules of the library,” said Sallita Singh, a Library Council member.

Members actually do practical work for the library also. For example, they learn how to put the books on the shelf, make sure the library is in order and help order books for students.

“The members develop their skills and serve the community,” said Mr. Richard Adelani, the school’s  librarian.

There are about 34 members participating in the Library Council in Irvington High School.
Vice President of the Library Council,  Chanel Clerke, hopes that number will increase.

“The importance of the Library Council is to inform students about their surroundings, to use resources available to expand their knowledge and share it with other students,” said Chanel.

The library council meetings are always Thursdays.

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